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Squires I think you are the only one who reads this. Is cool though. I love it. A foot fetish porn website would get more hits than me! haha. Mmmmmm, feet! haha

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belinda_nealBelinda Neal, ALP Federal Member for Robertson.

Google her name and read for a laugh. Better still, listen to her talk.

She is stupid, vindictive, and a liar. And she is a RIGHT HONOURABLE member of the australian house of representatives.

I love this thang called democracy.

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Train conversation

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On the train home from work this afternoon I found myself in a conversation with a school boy. He asked me a question, which I answered, and a conversation followed. He attended a private school, and he was in Grade 12 (so about 17 years old). He had heard of Paris Hilton, Ronald McDonald, and The Wiggles. He had never heard of Socrates, Dostoyevsky, or Che Guevara, and in truth was uninterested. Ok. What was he planning to do after Year 12? Go to university and study Law. Why? Because in his opinion that was the best avenue for him to make money. The rich and would-be rich have always been indifferent to the poor. I guess that is how they rationalise their privilege and extravagance (or aspiration to these things). The poor are anonymous and mean nothing to them. This kid  took it further though. The poor are to blame for being poor and so deserve to be poor.  Interestingly, this justifies the rich in doing nothing to help the poor or to contribute to a more equitable society. Why? Because the poor are to blame for being poor and so deserve to be poor! I wanted to tell the kid to f@#k off. His parents pay half my annual salary to send him to this private school for a year.Well they got some kind of value for money. Maybe. The world sure got none.


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Mr Trump’s penis (small but proud)

3 tbls oil

1 large chopped onion

2 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped

1 tsp coriander seeds, crushed

1 tsp salt

freshly ground black pepper

Method to follow soon after taste testing by a select group of  sycophants (again).



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mick20keelty1Rumours are emerging from Thailand that Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mr Mick Keelty was briefly arrested by Thai authorities yesterday. It is believed Mr Keelty was questioned about  two possibly under-age “lady-boys” found in his motel room. Thai police were responding to a noise complaint made by a guest in an adjacent room. The unidentified man is rumoured to have said: “Who listens to Shania Twain anyway?? And that loud too!”  Mr Keelty is alleged to have answered the door wearing only a nappy with his Federal Police identification pinned to it, drinking from a glass of champagne and holding a riding crop.  Thai police became suspicious,  and after entering the room discovered the two possibly under-age lady-boys. A heated discussion is believed to have then followed between Mr Keelty and the Thai policemen. In a racist outburst, Mr Keelty is believed to have called the Thai policemen “chinks” and “monkeys”, and strangely, to have threatened them with deportation. It is believed Mr Keelty was overhead saying many times: “Don’t you know who I am (?). John and I are like this (gesture not certain)”. The patience of the Thai police appeared to run out, and Mr Keelty was arrested. In the course of strip-searching Mr Keelty and removing his nappy, a device was discovered in situ in a part of Mr Keelty’s anatomy. Observers report that it was a large black butt plug  in place in Mr Keelty’s anus. Mr Keelty initially refused to remove it,  and denied any knowledge of how it got there. Australian embassy officials were called to the motel. The lady-boys were removed from the room, and while Mr Keelty dressed in the bathroom a discussion ensued between the embassy officials and the Thai police. After emerging from the bathroom Mr Keelty is believed to have given certain unspecified undertakings and an apology to the Thai police, and he was released.Mr Keelty had been in Thailand for a week attending an international anti-terrorism conference.

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