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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 6, 2009

bankimoonIn a glittering ceremony in New York today, UN Secretary-General Mr BanKi Moon declared 2009 the International Year of the CEO. Invited guests included CEOs and executives from around world, and the keynote speaker was Mr Rupert Murdoch from News Corp.

A Scientology presentation by Mr Tom Cruise titled “Wealth as an expression of God’s love” preceded the ceremony, and there were video messages from the Pope, Paris Hilton, and Siegfried and Roy. In his speech Mr Moon reflected on the historically low remuneration of the average CEO, which last year reached an all-time low of  250 times the average American wage.

Mr Moon said: “A CEO is in such a position, and is seen by everyone to be in such a position,  that regardless of how well or not they do a job, they must be  paid so well that it positively reflects on that position.” Indeed Mr Moon exhorted CEOs to make claims for greater compensation on their boards of directors. In turn, Mr Moon felt CEOs would themselves look favourably on Director’s payments.

It is believed the ceremony was briefly interrupted by a placard wielding demonstrator, who was quickly subdued by the police and ejected. The demonstrator was an elderly man who is thought to have suffered a heart attack and to have died after being removed by the police. After discussion with the police, Mr Moon fully supported the police actions, and advised that the demonstrator was suspected to have been carrying a bomb and to have had principles.


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  1. Paul said, on April 7, 2009 at 7:30 am

    Fair enough, they’re bloody dangerous those principles.

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