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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 12, 2009

Today a man turned himself into a Canberra police station, admitting to taking photographs up unsuspecting women’s skirts.

The man used a small and sophisticated camera built into the top of his shoe to take the photograps, activated remotely by a device in his pocket.

Apparently unnoticed by security guards, the man had been taking these type of photographs around Parliament House for up to a week, targeting the many tour buses that visited each day.

When the man presented himself to the police station, attending police said he readily confessed but did appear to be confused and agitated. He was arrested and placed in the holding cells at the police station.

According to a man who then spent an hour with him,  the accused said that he was particularly pleased when he got several up-skirt pictures of the Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard, climbing the steps up into the Parliament building. She appeared not to be wearing any underwear, and he was very excited to get home and examine  the photographs very closely.

“Damn gillardjulie1-03-05it was then that I realized she had balls!” he is alleged to have exclaimed.

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