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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 17, 2009
Philip Ruddock, General-Designate of the proposed Home Guard.

Philip Ruddock, General-Designate of the proposed Home Guard.

Former Howard government Minister, Mr Philip Ruddock, has called

for the establishment of a Home Guard to protect Australia from a

refugee invasion.

Mr Ruddock said because of a lefty Rudd government, and an indecisive

defence force, refugees now saw Australia as an easy target.

“Make no mistake, it’s an invasion, and I call on all loyal Australians to

join the Home Guard,” said Mr Ruddock. “Those  refugees come here

 illegally, and we have a right to defend ourselves.”

The proposed Home Guard would be armed  and would initially patrol 

Sydney Harbour. Mr Ruddock indicated that patrolled

areas would be expanded, with the Yarra and Swan Rivers already under serious consideration.

Mr Ruddock said all rednecks and racists were welcome, and that “charity begins somewhere else.”  He denied it

would be a kind of “Dad’s Army”, but did say he thought of himself as a suave John Le Mesurier type.

The Home Guard proposal has received support from many groups,  including the Cronulla rioters and the

Institute of Public Affairs, but criticism from human rights groups.

An Aboriginal spokesman said he “fully supported sending back some non-indigenous people”, and that

he knew where he would start.


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