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The conduct of British police at the recent G20 summit in

London clearly indicated a premeditated intention by the police

to act in a criminal manner, and instances of unprovoked

assault on protesters by police, corroborated by independent

witnesses, have emerged.

I’d like to concentrate on one case, that of  Mr Ian Tomlinson.

Mr Tomlinson was on his way home from work trying to

negotiate his way through the protesters.

He died amidst the protest.

Police say there had been no contact whatsoever between themselves and Mr Tomlinson. A Post Morten is done

and Mr Tomlinson is said to have died of a heart attack.

A British newspaper publishes statements from three witnesses saying Mr Tomlinson had been confronted and

attacked by police, that he was struck and pushed to the ground.  The newspaper also publishes a photograph of

Mr Tomlinson lying on the ground. Police accuse the newspaper of causing distress to the dead man’s family.

Police continue to deny any contact whatsoever with Mr Tomlinson.

A video is publicised that shows Mr Tomlinson being attacked (from behind) by the police, and thrown to the ground.

Another Post Morten is undertaken, and its findings are that Mr Tomlinson died from internal bleeding

(in the abdomen), with the cause not identified.

Police provide a statement of “sincere regret” in regards to Mr Tomlinson’s death.

Independent investigations are hoped to be continued into this matter.

As an aside, contrary to police rules, police involved had removed identifying marks on their uniforms (such as

numbers and names). Maybe they could have just worn masks, and so make their intensions plain to everyone.

Incidentally, this is the same police force that killed Brazilian man Mr Menezes on a train at Stockwell station.  Mr

Menezes had been shot 5 times in the head from close range. At the time police said the shooting (their shooting of

 Mr Menezes) was “directly linked” to the ongoing London bombs inquiry. This was later proved to be entirely

false; the fact is that Mr Menezes had no contact or involvement with any such  group or matter.

No police officer, nor the police themselves, faced any serious consequences in this matter, even though an

innocent man was murdered by the police. So a line has been drawn in the sand: if the police can get away

with murder in the name of fighting terrorism (which they have),  then torture, lies and disinformation,

or whatever else they choose to do, is entirely acceptable (as it is less than what has already

been approved of).

But does all this not make the police themselves terrorists (check your dictionary for definitions)??

And in a real and practical sense, you can’t help thinking that the police are themselves escalating an already

volatile situation. After all that has happened, do you think a protester is now more inclined, or less inclined,

to use violence against the police??

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