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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 28, 2009
Pope Benedict and George W Bush, after Mr Bush became a saint.

Pope Benedict and George W Bush, after Mr Bush was canonized.

 In a ceremony at the Vatican today Pope Benedict made George W Bush the first saint of the 21st century.

 Pope Benedict applauded Mr Bush for his life of heroic
Christian virtue as leader of the free world. “My son has demonstrated a life of  faith, hope and charity, of  justice,
temperance and fortitude, and it is an inspiring  example of what we all can achieve,” said the Pope.
A clearly happy and proud Mr Bush thanked the pontiff for
the honour, and said “all my life had lead to this special
moment”. “I’ve always thought of myself as a latter-day Charlemagne- guess there was a bit of saint in me too,” said Mr Bush.
The pope explained that the final hurdle in Mr Bush’s canonization, that of a miracle, was overcome when “God’s
hand” could be seen diverting the path of the shoes thrown by an Iraqi journalist at Mr Bush in a 2008 press
conference. “God intervened to protect his messenger,” said Pope Benedict.
Mr Bush was also applauded for his display of Christian forgiveness in interceding on behalf of the Iraqi journalist,
and ensuring that he was not punished. “I thought I’d better forgive him. You see,  some things I’ve done might
need to be forgiven too. I’m getting in first,”  joked Mr Bush.
Mr Bush is the first living person ever to be canonized. Normally a person must be dead at least 5 years before any
investigation is begun. Pope Benedict explained the departure from tradition by saying “In these uncertain times,
the world should turn to the light of great examples like Saint George W.”
Mr Bush accepted his canonization with a kiss to the Pope’s offered hand. There was some suggestion of  tongue
 in the kiss.

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