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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on May 10, 2009

GranpaIn an aged nursing home in Brisbane today, the last living dwarf  in Australia

has died.

With parents being able to genetically modify embryos, select gender,

and terminate pregnancies where embryos show undesirable characteristics,

Abe had lived most of his life as a unique individual.

No dwarf has been born in Australia in the last 50 years, and Abe had said

recently that he intentionally lived the latter part of his life as a recluse.

“I’d go out and people would start laughing and jeering at me. In the end it

was simplier to just not  go out,” said Abe.

Abe was at the centre of a furore last year on the occasion of the Prime Minister presenting Abe with a cake for his

75th birthday.

In what was intended to be a staged media event for the Prime Minister, Abe was clearly heard to say to him: “I’m

the last little person and you’re a big prick!”

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