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peter beattieFormer Queensland Premier, Mr Peter Beattie, was today knighted by the

Queen for his services to politics.

Sir Peter is a self-described “media tart”,  (someone who would do anything to gain

media attention), and is famously known for having threatened photographers with arrest

 if they photographed his bald-spot.

Sir Peter had been criticized for leaving a legacy of cronyism and corruption in the Queensland government, which

 he has rejected, accusing anyone making any criticism of him as being under the influence of drugs.

Sir Peter was recently embroiled in a bitter slanging match with well-respected anti-corruption commissioner  Mr

Tony Fitzgerald.

“Most people probably understand that, in making his faintly amusing claims, Mr Beattie is simply obeying his

 political instincts  – obfuscate, spin, evade, deny, blame someone else, create a distraction to deflect attention from

the real issue,” Mr Fitzgerald said in a statement.

Sir Peter is now to be known as Sir Peter of Spin, and is understood to have struck  Mr Fitgerald off his Christmas

card list.

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mao-dollThe Chairman Mao doll is now the most popular doll on sale

in China, out-selling the next best selling doll (Barbie at the

Oscars) by three to one.

Manufactured in Shanghai by an American company, and

endorsed by the Chinese hierarchy, the doll speaks when it is

squeezed, saying either, “The Cultural Revolution was a

mistake”, or “Chinese workers are happy in this capitalist paradise”, or “I like young girls”.

It is believed there are no current plans to offer the doll for sale in other countries, but Chinese government officials

have made gifts of the doll to some international political leaders, and Australian PM, Mr Kevin Rudd, has

 admitted to sleeping with the Great Leader’s doll under his pillow.


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The kiddies know. Merciless and vengeful is the new bogeyman.

 As you lay in bed at night, in your bed in your room in your house, and you’re about to turn out the light, the kiddies know and dread the terror to come . You know he comes for you at night. And no mercy for you dear child.

The terrorist waits in the dark, in your wardrobe, in the corner, under your bed. You know you can hear the noises he makes as he slowly makes his way to your bed.  He wants to kill you .  And he will kill you dear child. There is nowhere to run or hide.

Your fate is sealed kiddie. The terrorist is in your room now. And he is coming to get you dear, dear child.


8 people died in the recent Jakarta bombings.

About 100,000 people around the world starve to death every day of the year.

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 Socialite Paris Hilton and footballer christiano-ronaldoparis hiltonCristiano Ronaldo have appeared

together in an unauthorized sex tape available at various sites on the interweb.

It was this reporter’s unfortunate duty to view the sex tape, and I’m afraid I

shan’t have intercourse again.

A coquettish housewife Paris answers the door to plumber Cristiano.

He asks if she phoned to have him “look at her pipes” (?).

She does her best to blush, but still pulls him through the doorway, and they both disrobe with what can only be

described as unseemly haste (and a drunken clumsiness).

One does not of course wish to be too explicit here, but I can say, the next 15 minutes showed fruit experimentation,

some bizarre role playing, and that it was Paris, armed with a strap-on thingy, who checked Ronaldo’s pipes.


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So my fellow Australians, politics in the twenty-first century has attained a level of sophistication that could only have been dreamt of by Machiavelli.

With very very few exceptions, where they should be the best of us, our political leaders, elected or unelected, are in fact the worst of us: they are base and ignorant, insincere, arrogant and conniving, simply liars, cheats, and thugs. The political process is both corrupt and corrupting: attain and maintain a position of power, that is the only goal.  And whilst this is the overriding objective  of  all political activity, to be able to control, dominate, exploit, to desire this, to perpetuate it,  then we the people remain slaves and  fools.

In a democracy we sit on a  merry-go-round, for sure sometimes changing where we sit, but staying on the same merry-go-round going nowhere. And the loud carnival music drones on, making any discussion difficult. In this Happy Land of Democracy, when did you last hear ideas, of say Hume or Proudhon, discussed?? Are we really so sure we have ALL the answers. Can we really do no better than this mess of lies and deception we call democracy??

In countries without even the pretext of a vote to justify control, the political leaders use overt force, have no consent, and negate any idea of ‘general will’.  Their end should reflect how they acted in life. The Happy Democracies demonize North Korea and Burma, but not China nor Saudi Arabia. The hypocrisy is galling, as the Happy Democracies demonstrate their convenient morality.


Thank you for that Kevin. You sure are a mate.


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