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tony abbottLiberal MP, Mr Tony Abbott, today called for the

retirement age in Australia to be lifted.

Mr Abbott was speaking in his capacity as Opposition

Spokesman on Families, Housing, Community Services,

and Indigenous Affairs.

I like the cut of Tony’s jib!  Tony’s  hard sense is what

this country needs, but he needs to go further. There

should be no aged pension, at all. This country just can’t afford it anymore. The sooner people accept this, the

sooner we can move on. Of course the country produces immense wealth, but it’s not for them, not for the workers,

it’s for me, for Tony and me and people like us.

Tony and I are both devout Catholics.

We know the Saints show  us the true value of suffering, how the ordinary person’s spiritual side can be elevated

by suffering. Yes, we know best. Accept it, and move on.

And the sight of a 69 year old labourer  with an artificial hip trying to swing a sledgehammer would be too funny

 to  miss! Oh dear, simply divine and oh a little wicked! te-he-he



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Scientology_Symbol_LogoThe 2010 Church of Scientology world congress is to be held in Sydney,  officials announced

in Los Angels today.

The congress is to be held at the Crown casino over a 2 week period. The casino is owned

by Australian millionaire, and Most Exalted Brother, Mr James Packer.  Australian Prime

Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, is to open the congress. Initially Mr Rudd had declined the

invitation due to diary conflicts, but undisclosed threats from Scientologists had changed his mind.

Prices for general admission tickets are quoted at $US5,000 each, and it is believed the finale of the congress will

be a $US100,000 per ticket invitation only gala, which is rumoured to feature the re-appearance of either

 Scientology founder, Mr L Ron Hubbard, or first cousin, ET.

Scientology spokesman, Most Holy Tom Cruise, said he wouldn’t be surprised if other miracles happened during the

two week event. Mr Cruise said that he had personal experience of the miracle power in Scientology, as his height

 had increased a full 2 inches since he became a believer.

Observers, however, attribute Mr Cruise’s current height to platform shoes.


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coal fired power stationIn a joint press conference in Sydney

today, the Coal Mining Council and

the Coal Fired Power Generators

Association, released the Frink report

showing that carbon sequestration will

produce diamonds.

Author of the report, Professor John

Frink, says that the underground

high-pressure storage of the carbon dioxide produced by the operation of coal-fired power stations will inevitably

produce diamonds, and that carbon sequestration will not only be self-funding, but will produce profits for the

power stations.

Professor Frink, currently on a leave of absence from The Simpsons, maintained that the science “was

incontrovertible”, and that “our carbon sequestration plan showed the way forward for a greener Australia”.

Share prices for the coal-fired power stations leapt on the announcement of the new plan.


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kyle sadilands

(He reminds me of this bully from high school — he was aggressive, arrogant,  and really really stupid. As he was so stupid, in the end we could almost make him bully himself!)

Congratulations Kyle, you are a worthy winner of the Tool of the Month Award!

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756206_china_flagIn an effort of course to maintain their own privileged positions, it appears that the strategy of the corrupt Chinese regime is to respond to any criticism with an appeal to nationalism, both to the Chinese at home, and those Chinese living abroad.

As no dissent is permitted by the regime at home, the strategy of an appeal to nationalism both reinforces ostensibly a uniformity of Chinese opinion, but is also supposedly a reflection of it.

The strategy is a historically obvious and successful one, and has been undertaken by corrupt regimes everywhere over time. The simpleness of the strategy aids its success, as any criticism can be dismissed as an attack per se on the Chinese people (and at no time respond to the substance of the criticism, as this would undermine the efficacy of the strategy). The strategy also involves dividing and reducing, and isolating, the criticism and critics, so the Chinese regime imprisons say the ethnic minorities and the trade unionists, but never acknowledges the trade unionist from an ethnic minority. The identification of the enemy by the Chinese regime to the people must be as simple and clear as possible.  An unfortunate consequence of this particular strategy is a lack of subtlety (of almost comic proportions), so responses to criticism are often wholly over-the-top, harsh, violent, and destructive.

In their dealings with the Chinese regime, the conduct of the so-called developed western democracies,  has clearly shown  an immoral  complicity, where profit, and the maintenance of a continuing money-making situation,  is the over-riding consideration. Human rights is never worth even a cent of the profit that can be made through trade with the Chinese regime.

In my lifetime the Chinese regime destroyed Tibet.

And the happy democracies turned their backs and counted the money.


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JohnHoward knobFormer Australian Prime Minister, Mr John Howard, cost

Australian taxpayers more than $1 million dollars in the first

year of his retirement.

This is in addition to Mr Howard’s parliamentary

superannuation of $330,000 a year for the rest of his life.

Details of Mr Howards’s expenditure was disclosed in a

Senate committee inquiry, including $974 for a tattoo, believed to be on Mr Howard’s left buttock and a likeness of

ex American President George Bush, $6723 for newspapers and magazines, including subscriptions to Busty Big

Mamas and Overland, and $118,459 on the acquisition of works for his primitive art phallus collection

(incorrectly attributed as ‘furniture’).

Mr Howard released a written statement yesterday, saying that he was Australia’s greatest post-Menzies prime

minister,  and had changed Australian politics for the worst, but he had nevertheless shown restraint in his spending.

BLOWIN’ . . .

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Capitalism, as it is currently constructed, will surely in time die by its own hand, through an environment degraded, pollution that poisons us, and inequalities a source of unrecoverable division. No doubt though there would be a significant possibility of great distress and bloodshed as the privileged fight to maintain their positions.

Is this an alternative??


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As something of a 40 year old virgin,  but not so comfortable with my prejudices that I can’t see what is really around me, I have  indeed noticed some things over my life.

I’ve noticed what is now the primacy of greed, made legitimate,  that most people’s first response is “what’s in it for me?”, interestingly often with a total absence of accountability or lack of responsibility for outcomes, as in executive remuneration, where executives who run a company that lose literally billions of dollars, can still be paid bonuses of literally millions of dollars. Perhaps it also reflects a too-cosy relationship between a board of directors and the executives, and putting aside the ludicrous monetary amounts being paid,  in the main the pervading attitude of those involved is that there is simply nothing wrong or untoward with the situation. At all. Truly?? And as in the corporate greed that pollutes and exploits and demands no hindrance.  And yet they insist it’s all done in our name.

Greed is now just not good, greed is now God. Within society people are as devout to the God of greed as they have never been as devout to any other God before, as perhaps there is no after-life that has to be imagined, and that the bountiful benefits of greed in this life are readily apparent to all. The pursuit of greed is reinforced and justified at every turn in society, everywhere in the media and reiterated by the various so-called authorities. Robin Hood for example, is as real today as the tooth fairy.

Happening along with the new primacy of greed is a wiful individualism. Where societies in the past generally emphasized a kind of utilitarianism, now the spin is that it is the  individual’s unalienable, indeed preordained,  right to greed —  that it is good and true, right and proper, that being rich is your right, and with all kinds of indulgences, you must struggle against others who also see being rich as their right, and you are entitled to be as conniving, selfish, and unethical,  as you can get away with. Exploit, or be exploited.

I reject greed and its internecine reality of how people should relate to each other. There is nothing sustainable in any way,  in their conception of the world.

 The destitute, poor, and powerless are your true brothers and sisters. The rich and powerful are the enemy.

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