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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on August 2, 2009

As something of a 40 year old virgin,  but not so comfortable with my prejudices that I can’t see what is really around me, I have  indeed noticed some things over my life.

I’ve noticed what is now the primacy of greed, made legitimate,  that most people’s first response is “what’s in it for me?”, interestingly often with a total absence of accountability or lack of responsibility for outcomes, as in executive remuneration, where executives who run a company that lose literally billions of dollars, can still be paid bonuses of literally millions of dollars. Perhaps it also reflects a too-cosy relationship between a board of directors and the executives, and putting aside the ludicrous monetary amounts being paid,  in the main the pervading attitude of those involved is that there is simply nothing wrong or untoward with the situation. At all. Truly?? And as in the corporate greed that pollutes and exploits and demands no hindrance.  And yet they insist it’s all done in our name.

Greed is now just not good, greed is now God. Within society people are as devout to the God of greed as they have never been as devout to any other God before, as perhaps there is no after-life that has to be imagined, and that the bountiful benefits of greed in this life are readily apparent to all. The pursuit of greed is reinforced and justified at every turn in society, everywhere in the media and reiterated by the various so-called authorities. Robin Hood for example, is as real today as the tooth fairy.

Happening along with the new primacy of greed is a wiful individualism. Where societies in the past generally emphasized a kind of utilitarianism, now the spin is that it is the  individual’s unalienable, indeed preordained,  right to greed —  that it is good and true, right and proper, that being rich is your right, and with all kinds of indulgences, you must struggle against others who also see being rich as their right, and you are entitled to be as conniving, selfish, and unethical,  as you can get away with. Exploit, or be exploited.

I reject greed and its internecine reality of how people should relate to each other. There is nothing sustainable in any way,  in their conception of the world.

 The destitute, poor, and powerless are your true brothers and sisters. The rich and powerful are the enemy.

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  1. Paul said, on August 2, 2009 at 7:03 pm


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