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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on August 6, 2009

756206_china_flagIn an effort of course to maintain their own privileged positions, it appears that the strategy of the corrupt Chinese regime is to respond to any criticism with an appeal to nationalism, both to the Chinese at home, and those Chinese living abroad.

As no dissent is permitted by the regime at home, the strategy of an appeal to nationalism both reinforces ostensibly a uniformity of Chinese opinion, but is also supposedly a reflection of it.

The strategy is a historically obvious and successful one, and has been undertaken by corrupt regimes everywhere over time. The simpleness of the strategy aids its success, as any criticism can be dismissed as an attack per se on the Chinese people (and at no time respond to the substance of the criticism, as this would undermine the efficacy of the strategy). The strategy also involves dividing and reducing, and isolating, the criticism and critics, so the Chinese regime imprisons say the ethnic minorities and the trade unionists, but never acknowledges the trade unionist from an ethnic minority. The identification of the enemy by the Chinese regime to the people must be as simple and clear as possible.  An unfortunate consequence of this particular strategy is a lack of subtlety (of almost comic proportions), so responses to criticism are often wholly over-the-top, harsh, violent, and destructive.

In their dealings with the Chinese regime, the conduct of the so-called developed western democracies,  has clearly shown  an immoral  complicity, where profit, and the maintenance of a continuing money-making situation,  is the over-riding consideration. Human rights is never worth even a cent of the profit that can be made through trade with the Chinese regime.

In my lifetime the Chinese regime destroyed Tibet.

And the happy democracies turned their backs and counted the money.


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