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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on August 12, 2009

tony abbottLiberal MP, Mr Tony Abbott, today called for the

retirement age in Australia to be lifted.

Mr Abbott was speaking in his capacity as Opposition

Spokesman on Families, Housing, Community Services,

and Indigenous Affairs.

I like the cut of Tony’s jib!  Tony’s  hard sense is what

this country needs, but he needs to go further. There

should be no aged pension, at all. This country just can’t afford it anymore. The sooner people accept this, the

sooner we can move on. Of course the country produces immense wealth, but it’s not for them, not for the workers,

it’s for me, for Tony and me and people like us.

Tony and I are both devout Catholics.

We know the Saints show  us the true value of suffering, how the ordinary person’s spiritual side can be elevated

by suffering. Yes, we know best. Accept it, and move on.

And the sight of a 69 year old labourer  with an artificial hip trying to swing a sledgehammer would be too funny

 to  miss! Oh dear, simply divine and oh a little wicked! te-he-he


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  1. Paul said, on August 12, 2009 at 6:39 pm


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