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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on September 24, 2009

In August the Supreme Court of New South Wales imposed

fines on the company, executives, and directors for “deliberately

misleading”  information by them on the state of the

compensation fund for asbestos victims.

This fund was established to provide financial compensation for

people suffering from diseases related to asbestos.

James Hardie and six former directors are now appealing the decision.

A majority of commentors believed the original Supreme Court’s decision was manifestly inadequate, given that the

company and directors have provided ‘misleading information’ (ie, lies, untruths, obfuscation) over many years on

a variety of  issues.

And now they have the gall to appeal, fined thousands when they have made millions, and when they should have

been found guilty of murder.

Recently a court imprisoned a woman for social security fraud. She got 12 months imprisonment for claiming two

unemployment benefits (when she was only entitled to one). About $12, 000.

James Hardie, the directors and executives, have made many millions of dollars, and have killed people, and

people will continue to die from using their products, when the company knew that there were health consequences

and did nothing to alert people of the consequences, and when they have intentionally set about under-funding and

undermining the compensation fund.

They lied and killed.

And were fined.

And now they appeal the fines as too harsh??????????

It is hard to argue on behalf of these people for any kind of mercy. They are contemptible.


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  1. Paul said, on September 25, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Contemtible is too kind, fucking evil scum doesn’t even come close.

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