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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on September 28, 2009

Details are coming to light of a night of debauchery by political leaders that followed the closing dinner at the recent

G20 summit in  Pittsburgh.

Fuelled by alcohol, the atmosphere at the dinner became increasing bitter as inebriated leaders and their spouses

belittled the serving staff.  A waitress is believed to have fled the room crying, and to have locked herself in a

 cloakroom, and an usher was physically assaulted by a drunken leader who thought the usher was “staring at him


It is understood that towards the end of the evening  female passports were placed in a crystal bowl, and the males

lined up to randomly draw out a  name. A leader who attended was interviewed on the condition of anonymity, and

said: “In no way was it wife swapping. We were simply networking.” 

It is believed Australian Prime Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, was ejected from the room by fellow guests after trying to

cheat on the name drawing. Mr Rudd was found to have tried to arrange it so that American President, Mr Barack

Obama, drew out his name.

While being removed from the room Mr Rudd was overheard to exclaim: “I want to go black and never go back!

We are meant to be! Barack, pleeeaaassssssseeee!


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