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Current Qld Premier, Anna Bligh, is elected to parliament.

A campaign worker for Bligh, Di Fingleton, is personally thanked

 in Bligh’s maiden speech. Fingelton is later appointed as Chief

Magistrate in a process contrary to the anti-corruption

Fitzgerald report’s public appointment process, agreed to by

the political parties. Fingelton’s compensation packaged was

approved at Cabinet, so its details are sealed for 30 years.


Government member, Mr Bill D’Arcy, charged with child sex offences (he is later convicted). Immediately prior to

charges being laid, Mr D’Arcy resigns from parliament after first obtaining then Premier, Mr Peter Beattie’s,

signature on his lucrative parliamentary superannuation.


Then Deputy Premier, Mr Jim Elder, resigns due to electoral fraud.

Government MP, Mr Mike Kaiser, also resigns after admitting to electoral fraud. Bligh later appoints Kaiser as her



An anti-corruption inquiry finds Minister, Mr Gordon Nuttall, intentionally lied to a parliamentary committee.

Bligh seconds a special motion of parliament exonerating Nuttall from facing any criminal charges over his

deliberate lies!


Premier Bligh  votes for legislation making it legal to lie to a parliamentary committee — until then it had been

a criminal offence.


Former Cabinet Minister Merri Rose jailed for attempted blackmail.

Former Cabinet Minister Pat Purcell admits to various assaults, despite initially having denied them. Bligh refuses

to sack him.

Bligh appoints her husband to a senior public service position, in a process contrary to the anti-corruption

Fitzgerald report’s public appointment process.


Former Premier Beattie appointed to a senior position, in a process contrary to the anti-corruption Fitzgerald

report’s public appointment process.

The Integrity Commissioner questions Bligh and the government on their fundraising techniques that “openly

advertised that such payment will ensure access to a minister or other high-ranking politician”.


Former Government politicians, now acting as lobbyists,  are found to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars

in “success fees”.

Bligh opposes any ban on success fees.

Bligh indemnified herself and the government in regards to any defamatory comments on political opponents or

donors to other political parties, meaning unlimited access to taxpayer money for legal costs.

Bligh refuses to provide names of lobbyists who had been involved in ‘cash-for-access’ with ministers, and refuses

to advise the projects that had been discussed at these meetings.

Former anti-corruption commissioner, Mr Tony Fitzgerald, says the following about the (previous) Beattie and

(current) Bligh governments:

“Access can now be purchased, patronage is dispensed, mates and supporters are appointed, and retired

politicians exploit their connections to obtain ‘success fees’ for deals between business and government”.

Former Minister, Mr Gordon Nuttall, is charged and convicted of political corruption.

A  government staffer says they advised the then chief-of-staff to former Premier Beattie that Nuttall is

likely to have been involved in corruption. The staffer is now sacked.




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  1. Paul said, on October 2, 2009 at 7:31 am

    Congratufuckinglations you thieves. Worse thing is they have tarred the Labour Party for years. Get twitter, find me, is fun.

    • thecuriousmail said, on October 2, 2009 at 6:10 pm

      squires i don’t know what these things twitter, ping back et al, are. You sure they’re not some exotic 21st century disease??

  2. Tracy said, on December 13, 2010 at 5:35 am

    Go to this website and you will find out is the Qld Government Corrupt ? even has Qld Government Documentation, when you view this site you will be amazed the corruption starts at the bottom of the ladder and goes all the way to the top, and has names on Government Documentation, find out about the Qld Ombudsmans Office, etc, Government Documentation from all Qld Government Departments, and then ask yourself WHY are they not in Jail ?

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