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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on October 6, 2009

A person at work has a $2800 television that is nearly 2 years old. It stopped working, and of course the warranty was 1 year. It  is a name brand television manufactured in China. The manufacturer and retailer declined to repair the unit as it was out of warranty, so he took the unit to a company that specializes in repairing tv’s, audio, etc.  After having the unit for a week, they inform him that they are unable to obtain the part required to repair the unit, as it is not available from the manufacturer anymore. The television is not 2 years old, and yet replacement parts are not available.

So where did we get this throw-away mind set from?? Who benefits?? How can we change it??

I’ve spent a few days in my spare time goggling reports on the interweb about living standards. Every single report I have read, from a variety of sources, say unequivocably that the world cannot sustain the living standard that is currently enjoyed by only the industrialized countries.

Interestingly I have come across arguments by people who use exactly this point to advocate freezing any help for poorer countries! I think they have missed the point.

There is an alternative you know (but you have to say it quietly in this crazy consumer society).

At work today I spoke to a customer in Far North Queensland (Tully), who said in the last 6 months, nearly 5000 acres of farmland had been bought by companies involved in carbon offset, not to grow fruit or vegetables (which the farms were doing), but to plant trees, and apparently there are currently considerable tax and other incentives to do so. I love trees and I love forests.

But how fucked up is the world that this is presented as a solution.

Don’t follow the white rabbit,

Follow the carbon molecule.

If farmland is increasingly being used for carbon offset tree planting, how do we produce what we need to EAT?

Er, we import it of course!

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  1. Paul Squires said, on October 7, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    And a country that can’t feed itself has no security, history teaches us. GetUp! very quick email campaign to save the Murray-Darling Help save the Murray-Darling

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