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Dreamworld on the Gold Coast today unveiled their newest attraction: Tony Abbott Land.

Mr Abbott, the Federal Opposition Leader for the months of December and January, is understood to have acted as

a consultant in the design process, and “to have had full veto power in the realization of  my dream”.

Mr Abbott maintains that he received a divine vision  in which

an angel described to him the 9 signs of damnation. After a

series of meetings with a celebrity agent, Mr Abbott entered

into a contract with Dreamworld. Details of the contract

have not been disclosed publicly.

It is believed that the 9 signs of damnation that the angel

gave to Mr Abbott are:

Trade unionism, Republicanism, Ungrateful poor who don’t know their place, Gender equality, Restrictions on the divine right of the free market, Homosexuals, Flares coming back into fashion, Charity, And the decline of respect for law and order.

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On the one hand there was a scientific consensus as to what needs to be done.

Some said failure was not an option. But they bickered and dithered and fail they did.

Some said failure was the only option, that they would squabble and reject any limit to greed. They were right.

A UN spokesman attacked observers, saying that their expectations were unrealistic. He is right.

Our systems of government can’t now stop  millions of people from starving to death each year around the planet,

can’t provide basic heath care and shelter to hundreds of millions of people, can’t now check the exploitation and

 pollution  due to greed, or the persecution and violence due to the desire to control.

And yet, there is an argument that there would be a global consensus on climate change and a meaningful plan of


It was never going to happen.

We are too stupid and too compromised, and we always defer to greed.

On our tombs should be written:

If we live life as if it matters

And it doesn’t matter

Then it doesn’t matter.

If we live life as if it doesn’t matter

And it matters

Then it matters.

with some kind of acknowledgement that we maybe learned something.


So good

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Britney’s final concert in Australia was a tour de force, and a sell-out

audience were transfixed by the magic of the pop princess.

A screen the size of an olympic swimming pool, and the latest in 7.1

surround sound, transported the audience to a recorded

Britney concert from 5 years ago.

Admittedly there were times when the picture and audio went out of sync,

but the audience didn’t seem to notice or care, and the 3D effect glasses gained

unanimous approval.

“It was fantastic, so real. It was almost like being at a real concert. You wouldn’t

know it was pre-recorded. I soooooo luv Britney!” said an excited concert-goer.

The concert ended after two well-received encores, with Britney saying she loved being here in Canada, and taking

 off her panties.


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The Queensland government has announced that it is doubling public transport train fares.


The government says the public transport railway system “can’t continue to be subsidised.”  Subsidy is the only

argument I have heard from them to explain the fare increases, and it is presented by them in an almost indignant

manner, as if mere mention of a subsidy should enrage all law-abiding tax-paying citizens.

Question: What is the most efficient and  least polluting mass public transportation system?

Answer: Railways.

Right then, let’s discourage people from using it!

But it’s subsidised, and that’s wrong (?)

The Queensland parliamentary restaurant is subsidised too, and there’s no talk from the politicians of removing that

subsidy, or any other of the subsidised political perks paid for by the taxpayer.

So is the argument about subsidies, or not??

Why then increase the train fares??

Because the Queensland government is corrupt and incompetent, AND BROKE.

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Protect the clergy who have done wrong Lord,

As we deny, obfuscate, and attack the victims.


Protect the Church Lord, protect our privileged positions,

As it is we who do Your work by rejecting succour and justice.


Protect us from your vengeance Lord.

We were corrupt and complicit, and knew what we were doing.


But Lord, please hear our prayer.


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Chinese dissident, Mr Liu Xiaobo,  has been sentenced by a Chinese court to 11 years

 imprisonment for subversion.

State media said: “Liu has been engaged in agitation activities, such as spreading of

 rumours and defaming of the Government, aimed at subversion of the State and

overthrowing the socialism system.”

He is Not the first; he won’t be the LAST.

The Chinese regime openly persecutes many of its own citizens, including ethnic

 minorities, trade unionists, and environmentalists,

and the money-whores of capitalism line up to do business with the Chinese


“Just business, nothing personal.” This is said to deny any accountability or culpability, as if it somehow exists

outside of any moral context.

It is personal money-whores.

Just ask Liu.