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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on December 27, 2009

On the one hand there was a scientific consensus as to what needs to be done.

Some said failure was not an option. But they bickered and dithered and fail they did.

Some said failure was the only option, that they would squabble and reject any limit to greed. They were right.

A UN spokesman attacked observers, saying that their expectations were unrealistic. He is right.

Our systems of government can’t now stop  millions of people from starving to death each year around the planet,

can’t provide basic heath care and shelter to hundreds of millions of people, can’t now check the exploitation and

 pollution  due to greed, or the persecution and violence due to the desire to control.

And yet, there is an argument that there would be a global consensus on climate change and a meaningful plan of


It was never going to happen.

We are too stupid and too compromised, and we always defer to greed.

On our tombs should be written:

If we live life as if it matters

And it doesn’t matter

Then it doesn’t matter.

If we live life as if it doesn’t matter

And it matters

Then it matters.

with some kind of acknowledgement that we maybe learned something.



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