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Australia Day is January 26th. What does it mean?

Nowadays, it is the perfect opportunity for the brown shirts to intimidate. They are drunken, violent, white, mostly male, and very very stupid, and they wear the australian flag as knights templar did the cross, with the same kind of conviction of might  and right.

These drunken stupid oafs have the right to vote, have the right to be on a jury of my peers, they have children, and they are aggressive nationalistic racists. If you disagree with these ugly australians, then you are ipso facto unaustralian.

But you do not represent me, you do not speak for me; I think you’re contemptible.

And the black fella sits and patiently watches as the drunken hate-filled white fellas run around yelling ‘keep australia for australians’;  when if you’re white, as I am, you know  this land was stolen from the first inhabitants, and you know so much has been destroyed and the land will never be the same, but if you’ve got a macdonalds on the corner and a new tv, it’s progress apparently. And brother number one, prime minister kevin rudd, says he supports a ‘big australia’. Oh kevin, bigger than big, obese indeed.

Welcome to australia day 2010. Stupid, violent and  racist australia, the little amerika down under.




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Celebrity patient, Mr Tiger Woods, has been threatened with eviction from

a Californian clinic where he is receiving treatment for sex addiction.

Embarrassed nurses are believed to have sought transfers due to his

seemingly uncontrollable amorous urges.

One nurse, who did not wish to be named, said “he (Mr Woods) acts like

a randy dog! He tries to mount anything that moves. We’re just not safe in his


After a meeting between doctors and his manager, Mr Woods was presented

with an ultimatum as to his behaviour.

Doctors did however agree to a supplementary therapy, and it is understood that Mr Woods now has access to an

Oprah love doll.

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About 4 years ago, Google entered into an arrangement with the Chinese regime, whereby Google was allowed to

operate in China provided that it censored search results as dictated by the regime.

Google’s argument at the time was that it could do more good in a restricted form in China, than not in China at all.

This was and remains a nonsense argument, and all the world saw Google’s motivation as purely profit-driven. The

fact is that Google’s complicity has materially supported a dictatorship by restricting the  flow of information

to the Chinese people.  The Chinese regime (and history shows, its period of control WILL come to an end)

 is almost fanatically pre-occupied with controlling all information available to the Chinese people, because

open and informed discussion is anathema to the regime’s interests, and Google stood brother-in-arm with the

 dictatorship and assisted them in their censorship.

In the last week Google has complained that  agents of the Chinese regime have hacked into Gmail to monitor

email traffic of those people that the Chinese regime has identified as of interest or as a potential threat to them.

Now Google threatens the Chinese regime that it won’t continue to censor search results.

Better late but right, than always wrong? Google were wrong in the first instance by agreeing to support the Chinese

dictatorship. It was a fundamental strategic corporate mistake.

In a Letter from the Founders titled “An Owner’s Manual” for Google’s Shareholders” Mr Brin and Mr Page wrote:

. . .Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.

. . .Our goal is to develop services that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible.

. . . Don’t be evil. We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better served-as shareholders and in all other ways-by a company that does good things for the world even if we forgo some short term gains. This is an important aspect of our culture and is broadly shared within the company.

                                                                                                                                                                END QUOTE.

Interestingly, Google have now distanced themselves from the “do no evil” motto (not that it seemed to

have ever had a real benefit to the Chinese people). Why so??

Are they now positioning themselves as an aggressively vindictive and  wholly profit-driven company

like Microsoft?

Time will tell.

The tortured and  imprisoned Chinese human rights activists can always thank Google that their search

engine enabled them to know precisely how far above sea-level they were.

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(Two men in suits stand at a window high up  in a Wall Street

building, looking at the demonstration below.)

MAN 1: You see those slobs down there? As if I’d ever jump!

MAN 2: Are you in line to get any bail-out money?

MAN 1: We’ve asked for $10 billion.

MAN 2: We’ve just received $14 billion.

MAN 1: (Speaking to the demonstrators, who could never have heard him) Hear that?? Thanks for the loan slobs!

MAN 2: I didn’t like the lecture that came with it. We’re better than that you know, better than them in fact. I’m still

certain we did nothing wrong, and I’ll sure do it again.

MAN 1: Humour them. A lecture from a politician on proper behaviour has fantastic credibility, don’t you think?

(Addressing the crowd) Thanks again for the cash slobs hahaha.

MAN 2: Hey, my bonus this year looks like being $1.2 million.

MAN 1: I’m due to get just under a million. The company’s got to pay if it wants to keep the best. Maybe I should

remind those angry slobs down there that my yearly bonus is more than what they earn in 20 years?  Sweet!

MAN 2: Let’s not provoke them needlessly.

MAN 1: But what can they really do?

MAN 2: We’ve just got to ride this thing out and it’s back to business as usual, ok?  So you say all the right things in


MAN 1: I assure you, I will be the epitome of discretion.

MAN 2: By the way, thanks for the heads-up on the comfort of women’s underwear. I’ve been in a lace paradise for

two weeks now.

MAN 1: Well wait until you try adult diapers! Comfort and convenience!