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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on January 3, 2010

(Two men in suits stand at a window high up  in a Wall Street

building, looking at the demonstration below.)

MAN 1: You see those slobs down there? As if I’d ever jump!

MAN 2: Are you in line to get any bail-out money?

MAN 1: We’ve asked for $10 billion.

MAN 2: We’ve just received $14 billion.

MAN 1: (Speaking to the demonstrators, who could never have heard him) Hear that?? Thanks for the loan slobs!

MAN 2: I didn’t like the lecture that came with it. We’re better than that you know, better than them in fact. I’m still

certain we did nothing wrong, and I’ll sure do it again.

MAN 1: Humour them. A lecture from a politician on proper behaviour has fantastic credibility, don’t you think?

(Addressing the crowd) Thanks again for the cash slobs hahaha.

MAN 2: Hey, my bonus this year looks like being $1.2 million.

MAN 1: I’m due to get just under a million. The company’s got to pay if it wants to keep the best. Maybe I should

remind those angry slobs down there that my yearly bonus is more than what they earn in 20 years?  Sweet!

MAN 2: Let’s not provoke them needlessly.

MAN 1: But what can they really do?

MAN 2: We’ve just got to ride this thing out and it’s back to business as usual, ok?  So you say all the right things in


MAN 1: I assure you, I will be the epitome of discretion.

MAN 2: By the way, thanks for the heads-up on the comfort of women’s underwear. I’ve been in a lace paradise for

two weeks now.

MAN 1: Well wait until you try adult diapers! Comfort and convenience!

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