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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on January 23, 2010

Australia Day is January 26th. What does it mean?

Nowadays, it is the perfect opportunity for the brown shirts to intimidate. They are drunken, violent, white, mostly male, and very very stupid, and they wear the australian flag as knights templar did the cross, with the same kind of conviction of might  and right.

These drunken stupid oafs have the right to vote, have the right to be on a jury of my peers, they have children, and they are aggressive nationalistic racists. If you disagree with these ugly australians, then you are ipso facto unaustralian.

But you do not represent me, you do not speak for me; I think you’re contemptible.

And the black fella sits and patiently watches as the drunken hate-filled white fellas run around yelling ‘keep australia for australians’;  when if you’re white, as I am, you know  this land was stolen from the first inhabitants, and you know so much has been destroyed and the land will never be the same, but if you’ve got a macdonalds on the corner and a new tv, it’s progress apparently. And brother number one, prime minister kevin rudd, says he supports a ‘big australia’. Oh kevin, bigger than big, obese indeed.

Welcome to australia day 2010. Stupid, violent and  racist australia, the little amerika down under.



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  1. shagger said, on February 13, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    This is what happens when people are gagged via thought crime legislation, & constantly smeared in the leftist MSM (& by extremist Govt. comrades like KRudd, Wrong & Conroy) because their views do not reflect the views of said commos. Personally, i am all for embracing genuine refugees & immigrants who are happy to treat this island & her people with the love & respect we deserve, & should demand.

    But i have a big problem with hordes of violent, third world criminals coming here to (allegedly) escape the oppression of their former countries, only to subject us to their violence & bigotry… all the while adopting the victim/entitlement mentality which only serves to weaken MY kind, & by doing so, weaken the country as a whole. WTF is the point? Supporting this white-hating scam is treasonous.

    Also, the “black fella” is not stupid. He would choose white Australians as his “invaders” over most of the cretins we are being invaded by today. To weaken Australia is to weaken it for all of us, including our black brothers. This is the last thing Australian Aborigines need. They can only prevail if WE prevail… mostly because the cultures practiced by those who are invading us do not tolerate alternative Religion or non-belief (or sodomy for that matter). Whatever becomes of my kind, will also become of the “black fellas” & the Agnostics, Atheists, Jews, Buddhists, … & the happy people.
    All of these people are considered loved & valued fellow Australians – by MY kind. Can you say the same for the animals (who’s pig-culture & violence is the root cause of the offending “drunken stupid oaf” carry-on, IMO) whom you seem to be defending?

    They will outnumber us eventually, this is as sure as i’m sitting here whinging. So if i may say so, don’t be so harsh on these unruly (i admit) patriots. Their fear is real. The threat is real. Even though one may be blinded by the self-loathing feminazi tripe pounded into one’s head as a child, immunity from these threats is doubtful. Best to stick with your own kind mate… & be careful not to alienate these (unruly, yes) patriots who may one day be our protectors.

    These fellows are venting their spleens because their spleen(s) (country) is filling up with toxic waste… & they are denied a legitimate voice of opposition.
    If their behavior offends you, my dear, stiff titties.

    And worry not, whoever you are. I will not be back to upset you further. You’ve worn me out.


    ps – i have saved a notepad file & named it “fuck this shit blog” in my “fuck things” folder… as i always do. It’s sort of like a journal of comments i post when some numpty gets under my skin (usually a journalist… but i won’t smear you with that shameful label). Hope this file name doesn’t offend you pal, it’s more about having a distinctive file name regime than canning your blog. There must be a hundred files in there – “fuck this” & “fuck that” & so forth. Then again, i’m not here to stroke your ego. But peace, if you wish.

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