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The Catholic Church in Ireland is presently in crisis after revelations that decades of child sex abuse by priests had

been covered up by their superiors.

What has been happening in Ireland is by no means an isolated case. In every country where the Catholic Church

 has a presence, there have been many similar documented cases of child sex abuse, and in every case that I am

aware of, the Church’s response has been to try to cover up, then deny, then eventually, the protracted admission.

I was brought up as a Catholic, I was an altar boy, but I have come to see the Catholic Church as a corrupt and

immoral entity, foremost always seeking to protect its own privileged position.

The Catholic Church tolerates child sex abuse by priests, but should a priest advocate liberation theology, or

support any movement that promotes the right of the poor to equality, political and economic, they are attacked

and repudiated by the hierarchy.

The priest collects tithes , dispenses indulgences,  and tells the parishioners that only thru him can they

communicate with God.

Then after Mass the priest puts his dick in an altar boy.

The Bishop knew. And he would do nothing about it.

The altar boy was betrayed.


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Peter Garrett, the Federal Environment Minister,  and former Midnight Oil lead-singer,  is as uncomfortable a

politician as I have ever seen.

In interviews, it is as if he is frustrated and struggling with something entirely different to the mostly

banal questions.

 I suspect Garrett is a decent man:  principled, determined, passionate, honest,  compassionate.

 I suspect Garrett  struggles with the hypocrisy, deceit, and absurd compromises, that is politics and being a

politician, and I suspect he can do much more good in the world than as a politician.

When Peter Garrett is the consummate politician I know the dark side has won.

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A proud Premier, Anna Bligh, announced today that the

Queensland government is a finalist in the prestigious Lehman

Brothers International Award for Prudential Amazement.

The nomination is for the A1GP debacle on the Gold Coast, where

the race cars never turned up,  but the government still paid

millions of dollars after the fact, including nearly $2 million to

the A1GP Group after  it went into liquidation.

Queensland’s Auditor-General, Glenn Poole, released a report on the fiasco, detailing  gross mismanagement, lack of

oversight, poor governance, lack of due diligence, and poor communication, but a beaming Premier said she “was

very happy with the government’s performance in this matter”.

The Premier, along with Treasurer Fraser, fly out of Brisbane tomorrow for the lavish award ceremony in New

York, at taxpayer’s expense.

Premier Bligh said she was “not so confident that we can win this year, but I think with the asset sell-off we have a

 very real chance next year of demonstrating our prudential amazement. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”


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At a packed media conference in Brisbane today, billionaire

Mr Clive Palmer proudly announced that his company had

obtained the exclusive Australian and Asian distributorship

 rights for the Walt Disney Trust.

Mr Palmer’s company, a fully owned subsidiary of China Inc,

had its share price skyrocket on the announcement.  

However, when journalists contacted Walt Disney they denied any such arrangement with Mr Palmer.

When Mr Palmer was contacted for a response, he angrily acknowledged that there had been a clerical mistake, and

that he now had the exclusive distributorship from the Walt Whitman Trust, and not the Walt Disney Trust.

“Who is he? What exactly have I paid for? Who the f@*k has ever heard of Walt Whitman?!” spat Mr Palmer, who

then threatened “to sit on any journalist who laughs at me,  and then I’ll sue them”!

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