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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on March 6, 2010

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, giving evidence to the Chilcot Iraqi Invasion Inquiry: “This isn’t about a lie or a conspiracy or a deceit or a deception.”

As if to prove there is no place for truth or honesty in politics, Blair spoke those words.

Somehow we need to reconnect the disconnect that exists in politics and business between action and consequence, decision and  accountability.

For all of us, all of the time, this connection exists in our personal lives, yet seems entirely absent there.

The three stooges of the Iraq war, Bush, Blair, and Rumsfeld, have not had a hair on their heads affected by their decision to invade, a decision proven to be based on a lie (weapons of mass destruction). And then Australian Prime Minister, John Howard,  could not wait to be invloved. Was the lie deliberate, or were they merely ignorant or confused? Doesn’t matter, they are still accountable and responsible for the decision. Have they been held to account?

Who has paid the price for their folly? Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed (current estimate 655,000 civilians dead!). And now there are reports of an alarming rate of birth defects in those areas of Iraq subject to military activity, initially attributed to contamination due to the use of depleted uranium weapons by the Americans. The photos taken by doctors are shocking, and I haven’t reproduced them. I do say that it is the first time I have seen a three-headed baby.

What does the current Iraqi government say? They say that no problem exists (Commentators say they take this attitude so as to not offend the Americans. More fucking political expediency). What does the American military say? There is insufficient evidence. Ok, but there does seem to be a problem. Let us find the truth. Appoint an independent team now to investigate and report. Immediately.

Who is now  paying the price for the three stooge’s folly? Those Iraqi children.  This nonsense must end. Those that make such decisions must be truly held accountable for the decisions.

I was reading recently about the growing incidence of mal-nourishment and starvation in Africa and Asia due to steep price increases in rice and maize, attributed to the Global Financial Crisis and subsequent speculation, and to GFC-related unemployment and the loss of income. So the Wall Street banker in his multi-million dollar house, with his million dollar salary and bonuses, by his actions responsible for an economic crisis that means a person half-way across the world now can’t afford to eat, has lost nothing, is not accountable.

If this is what globalization means, then it is a tyranny. In passing it is interesting to note there has been no serious investigation, and no prosecution, of any individual or corporation in relation to the GFC. So no conduct was illegal?? Or are they above the law??

“Oh, no, we’re not going to have any casualties.” —President George W Bush, discussing the Iraq war with Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson, after Robertson told him he should prepare the American people for casualties. I repeat what Bush said: “. . we’re not going to have any casualties.” Mad mad words of a sinister fool.

If we do not stand up and right the wrongs, our future deserves to be bleak.


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