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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 5, 2010

The new Apple iPad has been released with the widespread expectation

that it will save the world.

The excitement had been so great that some people had fasted

 and prayed for three days before the release, and there were

unconfirmed reports of self-flagellation, human sacrifice, and

maxing of credit cards.

The iPAD is made from 100% recycled material by blissfully happy Chinese

political prisoners, and is believed to be powered by the user’s self-

deprecation. In an emergency situation the iPAD can also be eaten, with

the nutritional value of 100 Big Macs, and “can give you a cuddle if you’re feeling a bit blue”, said Apple boss, Mr

Steve Jobs.

In an interview granted the day before the iPAD release, Mr Jobs commented that the iPAD is a more important

invention than the wheel.

Some people believe that Mr Jobs is actually divine, as he condemns the ridicule of public figures.

 The ghost of L Ron Hubbard is believed to be iMIFFED.

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