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Death by Weltschmerz

Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 9, 2010

I spent over an hour in the doctor’s cramped waiting room, bored and listless. I flicked thru a few of the magazines,

but I don’t think those ten year old magazines could ever have been interesting, even ten years ago.  But they

do sell. So I guess I’m wrong then. A child, waiting with his mother, tried to hide from her what he was doing as he

picked his nose. She noticed and smacked him; he turned away and ate it, and smiled.

I was summoned into the doctor’s room.

I’m afraid it’s fatal,  the doctor said to me. You have Weltschmerz Syndrome. I’d give you six months tops, and

it’s an excruciating death. No point sugar-coating it you know. . . . . And it’s all your fault too,  you know; you’ve

done this to yourself. The world you want cannot exist.  The predator/survivor reality is all there is.

You can’t keep blaming the world. It’s not listening . . .

Do you mind if I get a second opinion?

Hi everyone, it’s Dr Nick!

Hi Dr Nick!

Don’t you listen to what he say. The deaf can’t hear a scream. And death is not the end. Bye everyone!

Bye Dr Nick!

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