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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 10, 2010

The  Federal Government will legislate a mandatory internet filter in Australia this year. Australia will become the

first so-called Western democracy to introduce such a measure, and will join the likes of China and Iran as countries

which censor internet traffic. The list of sites blocked, and the reason for the blocking, will not be made public.

 Aside from the free speech objection to the measure, various computer experts say that the filtering will not

actually work.

Stephen Conroy, MP

Today we are joined in the studio by the Federal

Communications Minister, Mr Stephen Conroy.

Good morning Minister. How do you respond to the criticism

that the internet filter won’t work as you say it will?

SC: Well that claim is rubbish. The Australian bananas can be

confident that the internet filter will be as well thought- out

and as effective as the home insulation program.

Why is the list of blocked sites not being made public?

SC: Because we’re elected to govern, and that’s what we are

 going to do . . if  you give us the chance, that is.

Look, I don’t think anything is accomplished by making the list public, and I talk to bananas everyday, and not

one banana has raised the issue with me. It’s a non issue as far as I’m concerned.

Where’s B2?

SC: We’ve had something of a disagreement on this matter, and we’ve agreed to a trial separation. We have a

public life of course, but all bananas are entitled to a private life. So now,  it’s not necessary for me  to ask you

to respect our privacy.

 ‘ello ‘ello,  move on bananas, nothing to google here.


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