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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 25, 2010

Federal Opposition leader and Chief Inquisitor, Mr Tony

Abbott, recently called for people under thirty to lose

unemployment benefits if they refused to move to areas

where there were jobs available.

Mr Abbott has elaborated on his plan. Here is what he said:

I think the unemployed should take a really good look at themselves, ask themselves if they’re not responsible

for the economic mess we’re in, and if the nation wants them to do something to help clean up the mess they’ve

made, what possible objection could they have? You tell me.  God does not punish us without first giving us the

chance to redeem ourselves. And so it is with my plan.  After the economic mess the unemployed have created,  

they now have the opportunity to redeem themselves, and it is work that will set them free.

Work will set the young dole-bludgers free, and the dolphins and the whales and the butterflies.

 But not the loony left or the anti-papists. They are going to Hell.” 

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