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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 20, 2010

David Jones CEO, Mr Mark McInnes, resigned this week after

allegations of sexual harassment.

According to the terms of his contract, he could have picked up

$3.6m in termination pay, plus a bonus of $2.5m along with

other long-term  incentives, but the former chief left only

with his statutory pay of $450,000 plus a “mutually agreed”

$1.5m. Even after admitting culpability in the matter, with at least two separate instances, he could still have

insisted that the contract was honoured.

 By what logic do boards enter into these contracts, and are they agreed to by a majority of  shareholders?

The logic is that they say you have to enter into these contracts to attract the best applicants. However, I know, as

an employee, that a company pays for the job to be done, not the person. People seem to take what they are paid

personally, but it is only a reflection of what the company will pay for the job that is to be done, not of you. I have

known many high-paid individuals, and I have been underwhelmed by most of them, frankly mystified  how a

company could pay them such an amount of money. But the company is paying for the job, and even the

incompetent it seems can inveigle and plot to keep their position. And no, in the vast majority of cases the

shareholders have no say in any contract.

As an ordinary worker, if allegations of sexual harassment were made against me, and I admitted to them, I would be

lucky to retain, without a fight,  my statutory rights (leave accrued etc),  let alone received a ‘resignation


If someone threatens to hurt you, touch you in a sexual way without your consent, or forces you to take part in any

sort of sexual activity against your will, this is a criminal offence.

Mr McInnes received a payout of nearly 40 times my annual salary after admitting to a criminal offence. Why was

he not simply shown the door without this obscene payout?

By this kind of  contemptuous disavow of common-sense and proper conduct, by their hypocrisy, deceit, and

conspiracies,  business and political leaders clearly demonstrate they are the enemy.


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