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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 23, 2010

I heard on the news tonight that the new British Prime

Minister has increased their VAT rate (Australians call it GST).

And for sure that’s what the stupid people in power around

the world have done, and will do. Never mind the rorts, the

incompetence, and the political extravagancies, just increase

taxes or sell public assets and Bob’s your uncle! Bearing in mind

governments worldwide speak of being in a financial emergency, what do you think should be the first thing they do?

 I think that before increasing taxes, cutting services, cutting jobs, or borrowing even more money, there should

 first be an independent audit of parliament, government and the bureaucracy, to ascertain effectiveness of

programs and a prioritization,  and efficiencies in operation of government departments. For example,

the Queensland government has cut back on assistance to charity groups, but not on parliamentary travel.

Mmm, what is reasonable? Which is more important? Until a government can demonstrate that their house is in

order, operating at something approaching financial responsibility and effectiveness, no other

measure should proceed. Or else kids, the bloated become more bloated, the cart far far ahead of the horse.

And remember, governments around the world are all talking in terms of a financial emergency. Is this really

 serious mum? Here in Queensland the state government is both increasing taxes and selling off income

generating public assets. Surveys show more than 85% of the  population oppose the public asset sell-off, 

 but the government says the sell-off is absolutely necessary to help us survive this financial emergency (of course

they have not put their own house in order first though). My point is this: If the government is wrong, who pays?

 Er, the taxpayer, voters, through increased taxes, reduced services etc. If the 85% of people in the surveys are

wrong, who pays? Er, they do, the taxpayers, voters. In both scenarios, they are the ones who pay for the

 consequences of the decision. That being the case, the government is not entitled to force through the

public asset sell-off; it is not the government’s assets that they are selling, it is of the people, and should

the government be wrong in their estimation of the necessity of the public asset sell-off, it is not they who pay for

 that, the people pay. The government has no kind of mandate in this matter.

Even though the government proposes to make me pay for a decision I don’t agree with, I’ll be fair with them,

and propose this: If the sell-off proceeds, at a point in the future, say 5 or 10 years, an independent group

will evaluate the government’s decision and make a determination as to its ‘absolute necessity.’ Should the

independent group find that the public asset sell-off was not absolutely necessary, all politicians who voted for it

 lose their taxpayer funded superannuation, lose their lifelong taxpayer funded benefits, and pay back their

entire taxpayer funded salaries for their period in parliament.

 Seems eminently reasonable. Go on, put your money your mouth is. If you think your decision is absolutely

necessary, that you are entirely convinced, that there is no doubt in your mind, that you reject a majority

voter sentiment,  do what is right.

Go on Premier Bligh! Us voters know deep in our hearts that you and your government are not so wholly corrupt,

not so entirely incompetent –really!– but we do need you to show us that you and your government are

in fact accountable, in some way.

Prove me wrong Premier Bligh and Cabinet, show me that stupid people don’t always take the easiest option.


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