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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 29, 2010

The state funeral for former Australian Prime Minister, Mr John

Winston Howard, was held in Sydney today. Mr Howard, the

25th Prime Minister of Australia, died last weekend from

unspecified complications arising from his long battle

with hemorrhoids.

Guests, including political and religious leaders, and

celebrities and other dignitaries, from Australia and overseas,

attended the ceremony at the St Banjo the Merciful church.

Current Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, thanked Mr

Howard on behalf of the nation for his strong leadership and steadfast convictions.

Opposition leader, Tony Abbott, said he modelled his political career on that of Mr Howard’s,  and that he would

also now like to have “such a positive influence on the next generation of Liberal leaders”.

Roman Catholic Cardinal George Pell said Mr Howard  “was a great Australian . . a true Christian who stood up for

what he believed in, and an honourable man.”

A small group of protestors outside the church were criticized for being in bad taste, and were moved on by

police under anti-terrorism laws. “They’re spending $1.5 million of taxpayer money on this state funeral, for

a man who was a liar and a compassionless ideologue,” said one protestor.

A video tribute to Mr Howard by former American president Mr George W Bush, was played at the funeral. Mr

Bush sent his apologies, explaining that he had a prior commitment on a fishing charter boat.

In honour of Mr Howard, the Federal government announced that 100 detainees of Immigration Detention

Centres would be summarily sent back to their countries without due process. “No explanation and no appeal,”

said a government spokesman. “Mr Howard would I’m sure approve of that, and we need to honour a great

Australian who only sought to serve the people.”


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