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In the nationally televised debate with Opposition leader Abbott, Gillard listed her government’s ‘achievements’,

and she took credit for the $30 per week pension increase (although technically the decision was made in the

Rudd, not Gillard, government).

Information is later leaked to the media that Gillard opposed the pension increase in Cabinet discussions on the


Gillard calls a press conference and admits that she did raise objections to a pension increase, but did so out of a

 fiscal responsibility, a concern as to whether Australia could afford the increase. So being the cynical

political operator that she is, Gillard attempts to deflect criticism of her being disingenuous, if not dishonest, by

saying it  proves she is a prudent financial manager by having made the objections.

Perhaps more information will surface as to her exact objections in Cabinet, but let’s take it on face value. Gillard as

a prudent financial manager??!!!! She oversaw the government’s  Building the Education Revolution stimulus

program, all $16 billion of it, yet there is increasing evidence of hundreds of millions of dollars, and perhaps

billions of dollars, of gross errors in the program. But Gillard rejects calls for a full audit or enquiry.

Given this, it is clearly preposterous for Gillard to present herself as a prudent financial manager. Such gall! She is

a cynical political operator.

And the Australian people are being asked to choose between her,  and Abbott, a lunatic conservative.

Oh lovely . . .



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8.44AM. Commercial television morning program interview.

Gillard: “The Federal Government understands the community’s

fear of boat people, and we also understand, and agree,  that the

uninvited are unwelcome. To this end, we propose a refugee

processing facility in East Timor where refugee applications

will be evaluated, and we will show the world that it is the

Australian government who will determine  who comes to Australia.”

11.10AM. Interview at an abattoir, while releasing the Coalition’s election policy on employment and training.

Abbott: “Yes, I heard the Prime Minister’s comments, but she seems to have a basic problem in what she is

proposing. East Timor is simply too close to the Australian mainland. It won’t dissuade the boat-people from

trying to come. It is Coalition policy, the so-called Pacific Solution, to house the facility on Nauru, much further away.”

2.23PM. Interview on Fox News.

Gillard: “I think you will find what I said  earlier was taken out of context. East Timor is only one of the sites the

government is considering. For all I know, we may well decide on Antarctica, and there are significant reasons as

to why Antarctica should house the new refugee processing facility. Antarctica is being considered, but I’m not

going to pre-empt any decision here.”

10.12PM. Lateline interview, ABC television.

Abbott: “The Prime Minister and the government are clearly running scared on this issue. Antartica is manifestly

too close to the Australian mainland. After a Shadow cabinet meeting this afternoon, I am happy to confirm that it is

now Coalition policy to house the new refugee processing facility on the Moon. We believe this would be a win-win

situation for all concerned.

. . . .We’re just waiting to get approval from the Man in the Moon.”


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In our increasingly presidential political bout –drum roll please–

ladies and gentlemen, here are the two contenders!

First off, we have the current champ, Julia the Red Widow, so-called because

like the spider, she has been known to consume males, but I hasten to add,

not after mating (no sex for this career woman); only if she perceives you as

a rival, or (rightly or wrongly) as a threat, to the natural progression

of her career and the proper order of things,  does she consume you. Let that

be a lesson to all before clashing wills with Julia the Red Widow.  The even tone

of her voice doesn’t quite hide her disapproval or contempt, or the absence

of true conviction and honesty. You are all potential meals, and she will manipulate you into a position where she

can feed. And she is a fastidious diner.  Strangely, there has been a marked increase in the sales of anti-

nausea medication since Julia has been the champ. Perhaps the strategy needs some tweaking.

The challenger, Tony Tirade, has defied many critics to be in a real

position to defeat the champ. Tony Tirade is well known for landing as

many blows on himself as he does on his opponent, and this may well

determine the outcome of the bout. He would also be in a better

position if he could demonstrate he had at least as much compassion

and charity as a rock. But we all look forward to Tony Tirade strutting

out in his fighting trunks, affectionately known as bugie-smugglers, and it

is our hope that he keeps them on during the entire bout.

And so, in our happy democracy the bout begins between the

cynical political operator and the lunatic conservative. My word, we’re just spoilt for choice aren’t we?

As an aside, it is estimated that there are over 1 million Australians not on the electoral roll who should be.

Voting is supposed to be compulsory. Mmmm, you think they know something we don’t?


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Recent winner of the ‘Ms Political Intrigue’ pageant, and new Australian

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was today awarded  the Creative Accounting

Prize of 2010.

“The awards keep coming, don’t they,” said Ms Gillard. “I’m so proud of them

all, each and every one of them, and I’m humbled by the good opinion voters

have of my skillful deception.”

According to the Prime Minister, their back-down on the mining industry super profits tax meant only a small

decrease in the anticipated tax revenue. However Treasury Head Ken Henry said the new tax revenue

calculations are premised on higher future mineral prices. The two revenue calculations are fundamentally

different, but presented (hand on heart) as comparable. So they have lowered the tax rate, but increased the

amount of money they think will be taxable, giving only a slightly lower revenue than the original amount.

 Pick a number to suit political motives, and then lie! What do you think of this disgraceful  political spin

by the prime minster? What an example of dishonesty! Watch and learn kids, and emulate (or not!).

On her Creative Accounting Award, the prime minister said: “Go Australia! You ain’t seen nothin yet!”


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The Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister, Mr Stephen

Smith, announced today the official signing of a new trade deal

with China.

“The signing has been the result of many years of hard work by the

government”, said Mr Smith, “and will secure Australia’s economic

prosperity into the future”.

Mr Smith advised that the virtually all of Australia’s manufacturing capacity

would be abandoned, and that “Australian manufacturers would

be offered incentives to move to China and manufacture there.”

“But we have negotiated a special arrangement with the Chinese,” said Mr Smith,  “whereby Australia will

have the sole manufacturing rights to toxic, noxious and hazardous industries for both countries. This will

 mean export dollars for Australia, and jobs for Australians.”

Mr Smith indicated that a second round of trade negotiations with China will begin next year. “We will be thrashing

out the proposal for Australia to store Chinese industrial by-products, and Australians can be confident we will

come away from the talks with a good deal.”

Mr Smith angrily denied that the industrial by-products were waste materials, and that the government was

considering turning Australia into a tip.


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The Office of UnAustralian Activities released its inaugural report in Canberra today.

We have been granted special permission by the Federal government to publish this extract from an interview

with a suspected unAustralian.

INTERROGATOR:  Do you understand why you are being interviewed sir? Sir? . . I take it from the shrug of your

shoulders that you don’t really care. That would be right, wouldn’t it sir? But that attitude won’t help you, and it

doesn’t cut the mustard with me. Your co-operation in this matter can only assist you sir. Bear that in mind if you

would.  Now, it has come to the attention of this Office that, well, you don’t look like any Australian we know or

we’ve seen. Are you an ethnic sir? I take it from the shake of your head that you deny that. Ok, but as I’m sure you

understand sir, ethnic is only one step from refugee , and it’s our patriotic duty to investigate any undesirables.

Is there anyone who can vouch for you sir? Any responsible person, as defined under the Act? Anyone? . . .

I must say sir, your unco-operative attitude makes you look guilty. . . Are you trying to hide something sir?

Perhaps . . perhaps a terrorist affiliation you would prefer that we didn’t discover sir? Y-e-s, I see now, oh what

a plan! Become popular with the children, turn them into your agents and use them to influence their parents, all

in an attempt to undermine the beach, beer and pie, true blue Aussie culture. Wow, a dastardly criminal plan

sir, but I tell you it won’t succeed on my watch, that’s for sure! According to the legislation, I am able to detain

and question you in secret for 28 days. Do you have anything to say for yourself sir?  . . . No? . . . Nothing? . . . You

do  know sir, your silence makes you look guilty. .  .Ok, if that’s the way you want to play it, I’m fine with it.

There are several definitions of torture. You just think about that sir. You’ll talk eventually. They all do.




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We need to take back control over our lives, accept personal responsibility, consider, intuit, make our own

informed decisions, respect and strive to live authentic lives, and oppose the  insidious corruption and denial  in 

society today. 

Take back control over your lives from the parasites of capitalism, from the greed-obsessed who seek only to

exploit and pollute, who are never responsible, who seek to lead us into an unsustainable future .

Take back control over your lives from the incompetent and compromised governments and their political rivals,

never truly accountable, deceiving, hiding agendas and proffering misinformation, whose ruinous self-interest

comes before all as we lurch back and forth between each conflict and crisis.

Unfortunately, save for some kind of catastrophe, if someone continues to make money out of this situation,

 or someone continues to desire control over another, nought will change. As society is currently structured,

 it is a fallacy to think you can work from within to make changes and better the situation for all. No fundamental

change will be permitted by those in control and those making money, because any such change would threaten

their privileged positions. The political and economic systems need you; you have never needed them, and you

do not need them now. Yet their continued existence is seen as more important than yours; we are now

expendable, sacrificial, slaves. Reject the contempt, control and inequalities.  Liberate yourself. Do all that you

can to oppose them.

                                                    TAKE BACK CONTROL OVER YOUR LIVES

Understand the past, live authentic lives, and set the future an example.


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