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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on July 25, 2010

8.44AM. Commercial television morning program interview.

Gillard: “The Federal Government understands the community’s

fear of boat people, and we also understand, and agree,  that the

uninvited are unwelcome. To this end, we propose a refugee

processing facility in East Timor where refugee applications

will be evaluated, and we will show the world that it is the

Australian government who will determine  who comes to Australia.”

11.10AM. Interview at an abattoir, while releasing the Coalition’s election policy on employment and training.

Abbott: “Yes, I heard the Prime Minister’s comments, but she seems to have a basic problem in what she is

proposing. East Timor is simply too close to the Australian mainland. It won’t dissuade the boat-people from

trying to come. It is Coalition policy, the so-called Pacific Solution, to house the facility on Nauru, much further away.”

2.23PM. Interview on Fox News.

Gillard: “I think you will find what I said  earlier was taken out of context. East Timor is only one of the sites the

government is considering. For all I know, we may well decide on Antarctica, and there are significant reasons as

to why Antarctica should house the new refugee processing facility. Antarctica is being considered, but I’m not

going to pre-empt any decision here.”

10.12PM. Lateline interview, ABC television.

Abbott: “The Prime Minister and the government are clearly running scared on this issue. Antartica is manifestly

too close to the Australian mainland. After a Shadow cabinet meeting this afternoon, I am happy to confirm that it is

now Coalition policy to house the new refugee processing facility on the Moon. We believe this would be a win-win

situation for all concerned.

. . . .We’re just waiting to get approval from the Man in the Moon.”


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