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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on August 22, 2010

The Australian Federal Election has apparently resulted in

a ‘hung Parliament’, with both major political parties

receiving insufficient seats to be able to govern in their own

right. One party will need to form a  minority government

and enter into an arrangement with the (5, I believe) independent

 MPs to be able to govern. The two main parties are now

earnestly courting the support of the independent MPs.

While most commentors seem to think a (well) hung parliament means the sky is going to fall in, I think there are

many positive opportunities now available, with a government that now must be more inclusive and  more


I believe that lunatic conservative Tony Abbott should be the new prime minister. One, I believe that having to

keep the support of the independent MPs will ameliorate his more extreme views, and two, current Prime

Minister and cynical political operator Julia Gillard, and the ALP, must be rejected for their incompetence,

and punished for their ‘keep power at all costs’ behaviour. There must be no reward available to them for that, and

politicians need to be sent the message that they must always act in the best interests of the Australian people and

future generations, not solely in their own political self-interest as politicians do now.

Interesting times ahead I hope.


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