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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on December 12, 2010

Perhaps somewhat optimistically, I have argued that most people most of

the time have an innate understanding of what is right and proper, and will

act in the appropriate manner. For sure, at times we all manufacture

explanations and justifications not to do so. But we don’t even fool ourselves.

I do concede that in these times it is very difficult to find among the

behaviour of conventional authority much to support that notion, as the

political, business, and religious leaders line up to lie, confuse, and excuse.

As enunciated to me, the Squires principle is that as the population

increases, the actual proportion of stupid people increases. The cause of this

apparent effect was to be investigated. Of course the number of stupid people will necessarily increase as the

population increases (if the proportion was constant), but the Squires principle is that the proportion itself

increases, so we end up with an ever increasing number of stupid people. Some argue that they are now in the

majority. Everyone at some time or another seems to have done  dumb things, but that is distinguished from a

person as stupid. What then for the much-cherished democratic ideal?  As stupid leaders lead stupid people,

onward and upward, are we to end up as the only species that expired by disappearing up their own arses?


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