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IOC President, Mr Jacques Rogge, announced today that

suicide bombing will become an Olympic sport at the 2012

London Olympics.

“The IOC acknowledges the popularity of the new sport of

suicide bombing, and welcomes it into the Olympic family,”

said Mr Rogge.

“There was some discussion, it must be said, but we were all

comforted by the certainty that the television ratings for

suicide bombing will vindicate the decision,” he added.

Mr Rogge indicated that the format for the medal ceremony was still being finalised, “as the athletes would all be

dead, and in very small bits.”



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As a child, a teenager, and an adult, I found much pleasure in reading Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, and over

time, the work revealed more to this reader. It is a masterpiece of satire and parody, and Swift was a most

interesting man, and a writer of wit and intelligence. His work will be appreciated for as long as there is

human civilization.


That this fine example of hollywood moviemaking was ever made is testament to where the world is at.

It will make sufficient money for those involved to consider it a success.

Yet it is unmitigated rubbish, and assumes its audience are morons; vacuous and cynical, this is Amerikan culture.

Just make sure you get a Gulliver Burger from that American fast food chain. And a Gulliver soda. And one of the

Gulliver toys. And. And.  Oh joy.

“I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.” –Swift.

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Australian-born Princess Mary of Denmark has done

both nations proud by giving birth to twins overnight,

Australian time.

Mary Donaldson, a former advertising agent, met her husband

to be, Danish Clown Prince Frederick, at a nightspot during the

 Sydney Olympics.

“Mary has made Australia proud, and serves as a fine example

of what Australian women with vision and persistence can achieve,” said Prime Minister Gillard.

Former Australian ambassador, Sir Les Patterson, said “I’m sure the sweet thing takes her role as a royal

celebrity as seriously as it deserves, and she shows just how one’s life can change just by lying back, thinking of

England, and having a royal knob make a deposit inside you. Missionary? Nah, she’s an adventurous sort, would be

doggie I’m sure! Cheers! Say, that could work for me. I mean I’d do it. I’ve actually always fancied Prince Charles.

The idea of pulling his ears as his hard right royal prick penetrates me . .  Oh stop it! I’m going weak at the knees!

Oooohhhhhhhh, cheers!