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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 1, 2011

Federal Opposition Leader, Mr Tony Abbott,  has attacked the

Australian welfare system as an example of misplaced

compassion, and has called for tighter controls over

 welfare recipients.

I work, am not a welfare recipient, but it is widely known

that the pension and dole are not sufficient money to live on,

just barely survive with assistance from charities, but not to

live on with any kind of comfort or security. Pensioners and dole

recipients are amongst the most disadvantaged members of our society. So let’s attack them! They

can’t protect themselves, and few will stand up to defend them. Oh but you know that Tony.

Mr Abbott elaborated on his notion of ‘misplaced compassion’: Better to burn an innocent woman at the stake

 than risk her eternal soul.  Ah, spoken like a true inquisitor Mr Abbott.

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has attacked the Greens, saying

that the Greens deny the moral imperative of a strong economy.

Fortunately I ran into Mr Kant, and managed to have a

brief conversation with him as to what Gillard may mean.

The conversation was brief because that bastard Kant

wouldn’t stop laughing. I wish he’d take it seriously. The

Australian Prime Minister, as an accomplished liar and

deceiver, demands people take her seriously when she talks

about moral imperatives, moral law, or any moral position she comes across in the capitalist karma sutra.

This is Mork signing off. Nanu nanu


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