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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 13, 2011

I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the local newspaper recently.

This is what I wrote:

The new railway timetable continues to anger residents on the Rosewood-Ipswich line.
Current Transport Minister,  Annastacia Palaszczuk, is believed to have said that public submissions were called for,
and received, on the then proposed new timetable.

Of course the submissions were completely ignored, but the government did pretend to listen, and we
should be grateful for that.

Former Transport Minister, Rachel Nolan, declined to comment, as she is haunted by the promise she made
that Brisbane metro train fares would never be greater than Sydney or Melbourne; but they soon were,  and continue to be the highest.

Critics say that, even though the Rosewood area has been identified by the government as a growth area, train
fares will continue to increase, and peak-hour services reduced, until nobody could be bothered to catch the train anymore.

In a bold move for a competent government, the Queensland government is believed to have approached the
Federal government, to have the Rosewood to Ipswich stations declared not a part of Queensland for rail travel purposes (as Christmas Island is not a part of Australia for immigration purposes). Those stations would become part of the  Australian Antarctic Territory.

The state government has said that if this were to happen, they are sure the penguins would appreciate the
expensive and second-class railway service, even if the local residents don’t.


Rosewood Rail Commuter

This is what they published:

Mmmm, I’m not going to bother anymore.


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