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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 15, 2011

Queensland Premier Bligh, and Treasurer Fraser, our very own Dumb and Dumber, presented the 2011

Queensland budget this week.

“This budget defines our government,” said the Premier.

Too true!

One interesting fact from the budget:

Given that we have had a decade of a resources boom, the Queensland government’s economic (mis-)management

means that THE INTEREST ONLY CHARGES on the state debt will soon be

$5.1 billion per year, or

$100 million per week, or

$595,000 per hour, every hour.

After these incompetent bastards have retired early on their laughably generous superannuation, or accepted

highly paid jobs arranged by their political mates, Queenslanders will continue to pay for their folly for years

and years to come.

Just not good enough.


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