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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 18, 2011

I do not move in such circles (I couldn’t find the closet door,

so I never got out of the closet),

but I am reliably informed that Prime Minister Gillard is a lesbian,

and her ‘partner’ Tim Mathieson is gay.

My point is not some homophobic rant, but the observation that we have as a

prime minister a person who denies the truth, who has cynically concocted,

manipulated, and perpetuated,  a lie for her own personal political ends.

My God, this is the reality of twenty-first century Australian politics.

What does Mathieson get out of it?? I’m not sure:  maybe prestige, maybe

money, maybe he lost a bet, whatever, but he is happily keeping his

end of the bargain.

(As Faust leaves the room).

Critics would say Gillard had to deceive, as Australia would not elect a lesbian prime minister.

So the end justifies the means??

No, I’d say.  Gillard has fundamentally and irrevocably undermined her own position because of the deception.

If Australia would not elect a capable, conscientious, honest woman (does this describe Gillard?? I don’t think so)

as prime minister just because she is a lesbian, then Australians are idiots

— but it does not justify the deception.


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