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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 21, 2011

Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has called for a

plebiscite to enable Australian voters to decide on the

government’s proposed carbon tax.

His plebiscite motion was not passed by parliament, so no

plebiscite will there be.

I couldn’t contain my laughter as Abbott beat his chest,

demanding that Australians have a say in this matter, but then he said that if there was a plebiscite vote FOR the

carbon tax, he could never agree with it, and he would at first opportunity remove the tax! Hahaha. Abbott could

have written skits for Monty Python!

But what I found even more interesting was the unanimous condemnation by conventional commentators against

the idea of any kind of plebiscite on any matter. A Federal election every three years is apparently a

sufficient democratic condition; and that elected government should then be left to govern.

Hmmmm, let’s ask the Greek people about so-called austerity measures, as they pay and pay for the actions and

decisions of their incompetent elected ‘representatives’. Or here in Queensland. Or anywhere on this planet really.

If I’m going to be held accountable for something, I want to be personally involved in the decision. What the

conventional commentators are insisting upon is responsibility with no choice, absolute permission (and it

should be said, indulgence) for any and all of a politician’s  decisions. If anything, I believe the need is clear

for the community to start to remove power from the politicians and the corrupt political process.

Final word: Queensland Public Sector Union secretary Alex Scott has quit the ALP, saying there is a growing

sense of disillusionment in the electorate with the political process, and that the community needs to be actually

involved in the political process directly in terms of  keeping all politicians accountable,  because “clearly all political

parties at the moment are offering more and more of the same,” he said.

(Guess what the politicians said in reply?? If you’re stupid and mean, I’m sure your guess would be very close!).

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