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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on October 21, 2011

A coalition of human rights and maternal healthcare activists has petitioned the constitutional court seeking to force the government to provide basic maternal health care in order to reduce the number of mothers dying while giving birth.

Mary Kamukama who is leading the group says the government has not done enough to combat maternal mortality, yet the constitution provides for the right to life and the right to proper health care which the government should provide.

She says recent reports indicate 16 women die every day in Uganda while giving birth, a figure she says is unacceptable.

Kamukama says they want court to pronounce itself on the health and life rights provided in the constitution and compel the government to provide a basic maternal health care package in all health centres across the country so that pregnant women receive appropriate attendance.

She says the court will greatly help save the lives of women if it compels the government to invest more money in providing maternal health services in order to ensure the rights of pregnant women to life and good health are upheld.


Now I can’t say what the possibilities for success in this legal action are, but it raises a fundamental question:

What specifically do we want from a government?? What is it that we want government to be responsible for??

What is the basic expectation??

Here in Queensland, a state in Australia, a so-called First World country, more people die on hospital waiting lists

than do in car accidents!  If you get sick, and you don’t have medical insurance or the money, you are screwed mate. 

The state government has however allocated tens of millions of dollars to secure the next Commonwealth Games!

Spare me!

It behoves all citizens, in every country, to explicitly enter into such a debate, and for them to reach an

understanding as to a minimum expectation of service and responsibility  from government.

There’s much noise, (sort of) related to this issue , as in America, much abuse and obfuscation, but little, if any,

rational consideration (which is precisely what an opponent to this idea would want– gotta keep me making

 money,  gotta keep me in control!).

Make your voice heard!

I guess we can always keep doing what Indian authorities just did at their Commonwealth Games. Round up the

poor, the homeless, the beggars, and move them out of the Games areas! Er, nothing to see here . . .

Out of sight, out of mind, OUT OF THEIR FRIGGIN MINDS!


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