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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on October 23, 2011

Under instruction from political authorities, police in

Australian capital cities have ejected protestors from CBD sites.

The police, in overwhelming numbers, used force to eject and

arrest the peaceful protestors.

I was not involved in the protests, but I do support them.

I was not involved because I need not now seek out futile action.

What is the message of the protestors?

“Human need, not greed”, “people before profit”,

or some such thing.

Ah, good luck with that, because the rich and powerful, the so-called 1%, actually control the political

process, and we have become so corrupt as a society, that we cannot even rationally debate the issue, that we can’t

even tolerate a peaceful protest against any limit on greed. We have become addicted to greed, and like all addicts,

we’re sure that we don’t have a problem.

Such a society will not only fail, but it deserves to fail.

What the 1% need to ask themselves is: if no dialogue or discussion with dissenters is ever entered in to, if a peaceful

protest is always responded to by violence,

what options are then left to protestors?

In the future, the answer to this may well turn out to be more than just rhetorical.

Read Marcuse.


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