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Terrorism paranoia allows Australian politicians to erode individual rights

Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 9, 2017

NEWS REPORT:The Council of Australian Governments has come to an agreement over a number policy issues, including reforming bail and parole laws.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the heads of the nation’s states and territories have agreed to legislate on a presumption against parole and bail for people with terror links.  (Charged, NOT yet convicted)

COAG also agreed senior parole board and corrections staff will be briefed by ASIO on terror suspects, and all the leader were reconvene for a special terrorism summit to discuss pre and post jail control orders and surveillance of terror suspects

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the gathering would take place as soon as possible.

‘This is not an area of policy where you can set and forget,’ he told reporters following the Council of Australian Governments meeting in Hobart on Friday.  (Yes, the state will take every opportunity to erode individual rights)

‘We’re going to be very proactive, constantly upgrading our defences.’

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the special COAG meeting was very important.

‘I think the community will take a very dim view of each of us if, after that meeting, we do not have a detailed list of concrete, common sense steps, doing what has to be done to keep every Australian safe,’ Mr Andrews said (We must keep the sheep afraid, very afraid, so they do not object to their loss of personal rights).

George Williams:  “Of greater importance is the reach of the laws in introducing restrictions on speech through sedition offences and censorship; detention and questioning by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation of Australian citizens not suspected of any crime; the banning of organisations by government; control orders that can enable house arrest for up to a year; detention without charge or trial; covert surveillance of non-suspects; and warrantless searches of private property by police.

As these examples demonstrate, exceptional powers and sanctions thought to lie outside the rules of a liberal democracy, except during wartime, have become part of Australian law.”

Number of people killed in Australia between 2010 and 2016

by terrorist acts,  3  (plus 3 perpetrators)

by bee and wasp stings, 51

by being struck by lightning,  64

women and children, by ex partners,  253

in motor vehicle accidents,  8,762

by heart disease and stroke,  272, 352

Does a terrorist kill civilians? Yes.  In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, have American, Australian, and British forces, killed civilians? Yes, in the tens of thousands.

It seems the definition of terrorist depends on what side of the rifle, and what side of the bible, you are on.

And there is a connection between foreign policy abroad and home Islamic attacks, denied by politicians in successive governments, because to acknowledge it means to accept responsibility and culpability, and this they just will not do. Western governments have for no valid reason put the soldiers in harm’s way and civilians in peril, and their answer to the danger they created is to remove the rights and freedoms of their citizens! Oh what a sordid bloody mess they create.


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