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The Age Of Deception

Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 11, 2017

british parliament

Capitalism and parliamentary democracy  are 2 very destructive  and essentially corrupt mental constructs that have evolved together, and continually re-enforce each other, and together have reached a point of being virtually unreformable.

The citizen in a parliamentary democracy has abrogated ALL personal decision-making in the polity, EXCEPT for the every-so-often marker of an election, where we are asked to express a general satisfaction/dissatisfaction.

In the meantime politicians and bureaucrats make compromised decisions largely in secret. In fact it is secrecy they demand, and lies abound. Deception is the coin of the realm.

The type of person attracted to a political career seems mostly to be the worst of us: not too bright, wanting the opportunity to let loose their prejudices into prescriptions,  and willing to be bought for the right price.

Nowadays the state can conceive of no significant polity; provided the state endures, the citizenry may number just one. And increasingly no action by the state against the citizenry is considered taboo, no liberty or right they cannot exclude or reject or modify into meaninglessness.  As long as the pigs can play in the mud, they are happy little pigs; the colours vary, but these little piggies have learnt to fly.

If in my power I would do away with parliamentary democracy and party politics tomorrow. I am happy for the future to judge me in this desire. I am happy for the citizenry to discuss what might come after this Age of Deception.

A question all people should address, as they are free agents able to use reason and common-sense. You need not listen to the oink, grunt and squeal, of the piggies. Remember tho, the pigs will defend the pigsty, and their place in the pigsty. You are a free agent, and you can rely on reason and your common-sense. You will overcome.



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