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The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh,  was today released from hospital

after pioneering surgery to attach a hard-hat permanently to her head.

In what has been described as a world medical first, surgeons

worked in shifts over a 30-hour period to graft the hard-hat onto the

Premier’s skull.

The life-saving surgery became necessary after consistently negative polls forced the Premier into a

strategy of appearing as a hard-hat wearing hard worker who gets things done.

“Better me in a hard-hat than the Treasurer with a plumber’s crack,” joked the Premier. “The only down-side that

I can see is that I now just can’t resist a safety vest, and I’m digging more holes in my yard than the dog!”


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I heard on the news tonight that the new British Prime

Minister has increased their VAT rate (Australians call it GST).

And for sure that’s what the stupid people in power around

the world have done, and will do. Never mind the rorts, the

incompetence, and the political extravagancies, just increase

taxes or sell public assets and Bob’s your uncle! Bearing in mind

governments worldwide speak of being in a financial emergency, what do you think should be the first thing they do?

 I think that before increasing taxes, cutting services, cutting jobs, or borrowing even more money, there should

 first be an independent audit of parliament, government and the bureaucracy, to ascertain effectiveness of

programs and a prioritization,  and efficiencies in operation of government departments. For example,

the Queensland government has cut back on assistance to charity groups, but not on parliamentary travel.

Mmm, what is reasonable? Which is more important? Until a government can demonstrate that their house is in

order, operating at something approaching financial responsibility and effectiveness, no other

measure should proceed. Or else kids, the bloated become more bloated, the cart far far ahead of the horse.

And remember, governments around the world are all talking in terms of a financial emergency. Is this really

 serious mum? Here in Queensland the state government is both increasing taxes and selling off income

generating public assets. Surveys show more than 85% of the  population oppose the public asset sell-off, 

 but the government says the sell-off is absolutely necessary to help us survive this financial emergency (of course

they have not put their own house in order first though). My point is this: If the government is wrong, who pays?

 Er, the taxpayer, voters, through increased taxes, reduced services etc. If the 85% of people in the surveys are

wrong, who pays? Er, they do, the taxpayers, voters. In both scenarios, they are the ones who pay for the

 consequences of the decision. That being the case, the government is not entitled to force through the

public asset sell-off; it is not the government’s assets that they are selling, it is of the people, and should

the government be wrong in their estimation of the necessity of the public asset sell-off, it is not they who pay for

 that, the people pay. The government has no kind of mandate in this matter.

Even though the government proposes to make me pay for a decision I don’t agree with, I’ll be fair with them,

and propose this: If the sell-off proceeds, at a point in the future, say 5 or 10 years, an independent group

will evaluate the government’s decision and make a determination as to its ‘absolute necessity.’ Should the

independent group find that the public asset sell-off was not absolutely necessary, all politicians who voted for it

 lose their taxpayer funded superannuation, lose their lifelong taxpayer funded benefits, and pay back their

entire taxpayer funded salaries for their period in parliament.

 Seems eminently reasonable. Go on, put your money your mouth is. If you think your decision is absolutely

necessary, that you are entirely convinced, that there is no doubt in your mind, that you reject a majority

voter sentiment,  do what is right.

Go on Premier Bligh! Us voters know deep in our hearts that you and your government are not so wholly corrupt,

not so entirely incompetent –really!– but we do need you to show us that you and your government are

in fact accountable, in some way.

Prove me wrong Premier Bligh and Cabinet, show me that stupid people don’t always take the easiest option.


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It has been an interesting past week in Queensland politics.


It is a legislative requirement that the head of the CMC, Queensland’s anti-corruption

body, is consulted on the appointment of the Police Commissioner. Both Premier Bligh,

and Police Minister Roberts, said as much, and indeed said it in parliament, that he was consulted, and that they

obtained his consent to the appointment.

However, the man in question, CMC boss Moynihan, denied that he was consulted by the government on the

appointment. Oops, clearly someone is not telling the truth. Bligh and Roberts are now accused of lying to

parliament, but as the government has the numbers, they will again get away with their dishonesty and deceit.

The state government had begun to attack the CMC boss and his version of events, but even the stupid people in

power in this state realized that they were in no position to run a credibility attack against the CMC boss. So, they

changed their approach: now they say there was simply a misunderstanding in conversations with him, and we

should now all move on. Laughable! In the simple matter of asking someone what they thought of someone else

being appointed to a particular position, there was a misunderstanding??? How?! And these people are running

our state?? . . . into the ground surely, as you would think there were immensely more difficult and complex issues

to address, than one simple question which they couldn’t get right.

The question then becomes:  is the government incompetent, or are they liars?

Kids, the proof is overwhelming, they’re both!

In the happy democracies around the world people are coming to the same conclusion: governments have become

the enemy, they do not act in the interests of the people, they are compromised and incompetent, supported by an

indolent and obstructionist bureaucracy. When is a choice not a choice? Party politics. ‘Whoever you vote for, a

politician gets in’.  Yes, a pox on all their houses. . only their house is our house, and we are allowing our house

to be a place of  wrongs. There has to be a better way, but I suspect we won’t find it while someone’s making

money out of the old way.

In the meantime . .

ANNA, ANNA, LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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In Parliament today, Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, tabled

a report on the public asset sell-off by a government-sponsored

economic think tank.

“The report’s main conclusion,” said Premier Bligh, “is that the

asset sell-off is undeniably to the benefit of all Queenslanders.

The Queensland government represents all Queenslanders, and

the government is going to benefit by receiving money from the sell-off, so therefore all Queenslanders will benefit.

Simple really,”  said the Premier with a broad grin.

Premier Bligh thanked the members of the economic advisory committee for their diligence and persuasiveness,

and joked that no assets were left to repay Queensland’s debt to them for their work.

Premier Bligh rejected outright any criticism of the think tank members or their conclusions.

It is believed the think tank was composed of Eddy Groves, former head of the ABC Learning Centres, a medium

who is believed to channel the late Queensland Premier, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, and a parrot sworn to secrecy.

“Of course I’m glad the government’s decision has been independently vindicated,” the Premier said. “The parrot

had tendered to be critical initially, but then we had him stuffed, and now he’s an ALP member of Parliament. All



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A proud Premier, Anna Bligh, announced today that the

Queensland government is a finalist in the prestigious Lehman

Brothers International Award for Prudential Amazement.

The nomination is for the A1GP debacle on the Gold Coast, where

the race cars never turned up,  but the government still paid

millions of dollars after the fact, including nearly $2 million to

the A1GP Group after  it went into liquidation.

Queensland’s Auditor-General, Glenn Poole, released a report on the fiasco, detailing  gross mismanagement, lack of

oversight, poor governance, lack of due diligence, and poor communication, but a beaming Premier said she “was

very happy with the government’s performance in this matter”.

The Premier, along with Treasurer Fraser, fly out of Brisbane tomorrow for the lavish award ceremony in New

York, at taxpayer’s expense.

Premier Bligh said she was “not so confident that we can win this year, but I think with the asset sell-off we have a

 very real chance next year of demonstrating our prudential amazement. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”


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anna bligh masterchefAfter her stunning debut on Channel Ten’s Celebrity

Masterchef, Queensland Premier,  Anna ‘Hollywood-Or-

Bust’ Bligh, is understood to be fielding numerous

offers from a variety of television producers.

Offers were believed to have included one from the

Survivor Hilton series, where celebrity guests are forced to live

off the land on $US 1,000 a day, with no room service and no valet parking.

Ms Bligh has already agreed to be the first contestant on the new and improved Celebrity Perfect Match program,

and is in negotiations to star in an Australian re-make of the successful Charlie’s Angels series.

Queensland Treasurer, Mr Andrew Fraser, rejected on Ms Bligh’s behalf an invitation to appear on the Australia’s

Got Talent program. “Ventriloquism is so twentieth century,” said Mr Fraser.


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Current Qld Premier, Anna Bligh, is elected to parliament.

A campaign worker for Bligh, Di Fingleton, is personally thanked

 in Bligh’s maiden speech. Fingelton is later appointed as Chief

Magistrate in a process contrary to the anti-corruption

Fitzgerald report’s public appointment process, agreed to by

the political parties. Fingelton’s compensation packaged was

approved at Cabinet, so its details are sealed for 30 years.


Government member, Mr Bill D’Arcy, charged with child sex offences (he is later convicted). Immediately prior to

charges being laid, Mr D’Arcy resigns from parliament after first obtaining then Premier, Mr Peter Beattie’s,

signature on his lucrative parliamentary superannuation.


Then Deputy Premier, Mr Jim Elder, resigns due to electoral fraud.

Government MP, Mr Mike Kaiser, also resigns after admitting to electoral fraud. Bligh later appoints Kaiser as her



An anti-corruption inquiry finds Minister, Mr Gordon Nuttall, intentionally lied to a parliamentary committee.

Bligh seconds a special motion of parliament exonerating Nuttall from facing any criminal charges over his

deliberate lies!


Premier Bligh  votes for legislation making it legal to lie to a parliamentary committee — until then it had been

a criminal offence.


Former Cabinet Minister Merri Rose jailed for attempted blackmail.

Former Cabinet Minister Pat Purcell admits to various assaults, despite initially having denied them. Bligh refuses

to sack him.

Bligh appoints her husband to a senior public service position, in a process contrary to the anti-corruption

Fitzgerald report’s public appointment process.


Former Premier Beattie appointed to a senior position, in a process contrary to the anti-corruption Fitzgerald

report’s public appointment process.

The Integrity Commissioner questions Bligh and the government on their fundraising techniques that “openly

advertised that such payment will ensure access to a minister or other high-ranking politician”.


Former Government politicians, now acting as lobbyists,  are found to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars

in “success fees”.

Bligh opposes any ban on success fees.

Bligh indemnified herself and the government in regards to any defamatory comments on political opponents or

donors to other political parties, meaning unlimited access to taxpayer money for legal costs.

Bligh refuses to provide names of lobbyists who had been involved in ‘cash-for-access’ with ministers, and refuses

to advise the projects that had been discussed at these meetings.

Former anti-corruption commissioner, Mr Tony Fitzgerald, says the following about the (previous) Beattie and

(current) Bligh governments:

“Access can now be purchased, patronage is dispensed, mates and supporters are appointed, and retired

politicians exploit their connections to obtain ‘success fees’ for deals between business and government”.

Former Minister, Mr Gordon Nuttall, is charged and convicted of political corruption.

A  government staffer says they advised the then chief-of-staff to former Premier Beattie that Nuttall is

likely to have been involved in corruption. The staffer is now sacked.




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Qld Premier and Treasurer
Qld Premier and Treasurer

The Queensland Premier, Ms Anna Bligh, has previously

 announced that years of economic incompetence have

necessitated a fire sale of assets  in  an effort to balance the


Today the Premier advised that the Queensland Government

has accepted a range of corprorate sponsorship for

government departments, bodies, and services.

From the 1st of next month, Queeensland’s name will be changed to XXXX Queensland, and the Hungry Jacks

Queensland Parliament will begin to roll out the sponsorship arrangements.

Also attending the press conference today were the Head of the Pfizer Queensland Department of Health, and the

Xbox Queensland Police Commissioner, who assured the Queensland public that services would continue at the

same high level.

It is understood that the Premier has asked for a review of sponsorship arrangements that the Playboy Queensland

Department of Corrections have entered into, “but that in general corporate sponsorship of government is good for

all Queenslanders,” said Ms Bligh.