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Australian democracy is broken

Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on April 17, 2017


Nearly 60% of Australians are unhappy with the way Australian democracy works (and trending upward).

Only 15% of Australians believe politicians are honest (and trending downward).

The richest 10% of Australians own more than 50% of the total wealth, and the bottom 40%, just 3% of the total wealth (and wealth inequality is trending upward).

80 per cent of the wealthiest people in Australia have amassed their wealth via political connections rather than via innovative businesses. They made their fortunes in property, mining, banking, superannuation and finance generally – all heavily regulated industries in which fortunes can be made by getting favourable property rezonings, planning law exemptions, mining concessions, labour law exemptions, money creation powers and mandated markets of many stripes. Additionally, government legislation is specifically favouring the rich, eg negative gearing, superannuation, taxation.

Successive governments have gutted public housing stocks (waiting lists are now more than 15 years), and Legal Aid budgets have been continually reduced.

1 in 200 Australians are homeless (and trending upward).

14 in 100 Australians live below the poverty line (and trending upward).

Statistics for Indigenous Australians are so much worse as to be almost unbelievable.

Our political leaders are supposed to be the best among us. They’re supposed to be the ones with the highest levels of ethics and integrity, the least selfish and the most intelligent. But in many cases, the inverse has become true, and a self-reinforcing loop of dishonest rhetoric stands to make it much, much worse.”

What we have in Australia is compromised politicians with hidden agendas making flawed laws, actioned by a secretive and unaccountable bureaucracy, and with an amoral judicial system complicitly enforcing compliance.

There needs to be a new kind of democracy in Australia, with, I suspect,  no place for political parties or politicians.