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Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on September 25, 2010

She has died.  At her death, she weighed no more than a child, and she was mostly unconscious for the

final  few days. On my part, for the rest of my days I will never forget her sobbing uncontrollably, saying she can’t

take the pain anymore — such are the moments that will be remembered.

She was catholic (as I was brought up to be), and the bible was never far from her. Her religious beliefs helped

her cope with what was happening, and no one should intrude there.

But as corrupt christianity becomes increasingly irrelevant, where do we now find meaning in our lives,

particularly in how we individually, and as a society, come to terms with death?

Greed, and selfishness –a wilful individualism– are now preeminent in society, and is what passes for meaning


Tho a wretched death surely awaits the individual who believes in those things.

Where then, is the real meaning now?