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The internet, and saturation news coverage, has turned

us into voyeurs who see human suffering merely as some

kind of diversion, and despite the fact that the issues can

be found in our homes, on our tvs and monitors, often in

real time, we insist that we are only meant to be voyeurs.

How much suffering do we need to witness before we act?

The main defense of the ignorant –‘I didn’t know’– is clearly

not applicable here. We do know. And we choose to do nothing. Why??

Bin Laden says that all Muslims must be concerned with what is done to any Muslim anywhere, and to take

action to assist their fellow Muslims. To me the black South African boy, and the old Inuit woman,  Jew,  Muslim,

Christian, or Animist, and all in between, are my brothers and sisters, and I am obliged to treat them as such,

to respect them, and to take that action which is appropriate to assist them. And I accept that as I share, I likely

will have less myself. I don’t want to buy a pair of shoes made by a child working in a factory earning 50 cents

a day. We in the West selfishly demand priority, in resources and decision-making, and build our lives on the

toil of near-slaves. What is the difference between the terrorist’s indiscriminate bombing, and our

indiscriminate consumerism? A quick death or a slow death?

The Western tradition is based on three planks:  christianity, capitalism, and democracy.

The compromised morality of christianity says the world, including all animals,  is god’s gift to us to do with as we

please,  to exploit without restraint.

Capitalism subjugates everything to the single goal of profit,  as if that goal in itself justifes all actions and

decisions and inequalities, and will exploit any situation to its illogical or unreasonable or unfair conclusion.

Democracy gives us the opportunity to choose in particular those who we wish to lie to us and to deceive us,

but all the while knowing they will do anything to maintain their position in power.

Have we really come thousands of generations through history to be here at this point??

“The greed of gain has no time or limit to its capaciousness. Its one object is to consume.

It has pity neither for beautiful nature nor for living human beings. It is ruthlessly ready without a

moment’s hesitation to crush beauty and life.”

Above all, we need to act, and now.


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We need to take back control over our lives, accept personal responsibility, consider, intuit, make our own

informed decisions, respect and strive to live authentic lives, and oppose the  insidious corruption and denial  in 

society today. 

Take back control over your lives from the parasites of capitalism, from the greed-obsessed who seek only to

exploit and pollute, who are never responsible, who seek to lead us into an unsustainable future .

Take back control over your lives from the incompetent and compromised governments and their political rivals,

never truly accountable, deceiving, hiding agendas and proffering misinformation, whose ruinous self-interest

comes before all as we lurch back and forth between each conflict and crisis.

Unfortunately, save for some kind of catastrophe, if someone continues to make money out of this situation,

 or someone continues to desire control over another, nought will change. As society is currently structured,

 it is a fallacy to think you can work from within to make changes and better the situation for all. No fundamental

change will be permitted by those in control and those making money, because any such change would threaten

their privileged positions. The political and economic systems need you; you have never needed them, and you

do not need them now. Yet their continued existence is seen as more important than yours; we are now

expendable, sacrificial, slaves. Reject the contempt, control and inequalities.  Liberate yourself. Do all that you

can to oppose them.

                                                    TAKE BACK CONTROL OVER YOUR LIVES

Understand the past, live authentic lives, and set the future an example.


This is an interesting article:


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It has been an interesting past week in Queensland politics.


It is a legislative requirement that the head of the CMC, Queensland’s anti-corruption

body, is consulted on the appointment of the Police Commissioner. Both Premier Bligh,

and Police Minister Roberts, said as much, and indeed said it in parliament, that he was consulted, and that they

obtained his consent to the appointment.

However, the man in question, CMC boss Moynihan, denied that he was consulted by the government on the

appointment. Oops, clearly someone is not telling the truth. Bligh and Roberts are now accused of lying to

parliament, but as the government has the numbers, they will again get away with their dishonesty and deceit.

The state government had begun to attack the CMC boss and his version of events, but even the stupid people in

power in this state realized that they were in no position to run a credibility attack against the CMC boss. So, they

changed their approach: now they say there was simply a misunderstanding in conversations with him, and we

should now all move on. Laughable! In the simple matter of asking someone what they thought of someone else

being appointed to a particular position, there was a misunderstanding??? How?! And these people are running

our state?? . . . into the ground surely, as you would think there were immensely more difficult and complex issues

to address, than one simple question which they couldn’t get right.

The question then becomes:  is the government incompetent, or are they liars?

Kids, the proof is overwhelming, they’re both!

In the happy democracies around the world people are coming to the same conclusion: governments have become

the enemy, they do not act in the interests of the people, they are compromised and incompetent, supported by an

indolent and obstructionist bureaucracy. When is a choice not a choice? Party politics. ‘Whoever you vote for, a

politician gets in’.  Yes, a pox on all their houses. . only their house is our house, and we are allowing our house

to be a place of  wrongs. There has to be a better way, but I suspect we won’t find it while someone’s making

money out of the old way.

In the meantime . .

ANNA, ANNA, LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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