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A Triffid In A Field Of Sunflowers

Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 25, 2017


When is the last time you heard discussion of how the political process in Western democracies might be improved, might evolve? Less corrupt, more representative, more equitable, more accountable, more transparent? I say there is more discussion on whether there was sport in a possible ancient Martian civilization, than on such democratic issues.

Why is that? Have we reached some kind of democratic perfection that I am unaware of? Alas, no. It is possible that I am a triffid in a field of sunflowers, and such perfection has  passed me by? Again, alas, no (and yes).

Even Catholicism, that bastion of ignorance, tradition and conservatism, has changed more over the same period than the actual process of democracy.

Why is this so? Why even no general discussion? I maintain the privileged control society, including the parliamentary democratic process, and would see any change to the democratic process as a threat to their position. So no discussion from the politicians and the political parties they control, and no discussion in the mass media that they control.

There is an illusion  of choice, but in reality a fundamental sameness to the political parties –and politicians in a political party vote as the party directs– because the privileged set the parameters of the political parties, tho normally in secret and thru their influence, and lobbyists walk across the bones of Cleisthenes. It is a secure position for the privileged, as the masses think they have control, and no slave is as happy, and less of a threat,  as a willing slave.

Who nominates judges? Who promotes and dismisses the bureaucrats? Who makes laws? Control the politicians and the political process and you control society. An election every-so-often is of no consequence to the privileged.

However, a change has occurred that seems to indicate the privileged have gone beyond just a manipulation for their own interests. They seem to be deliberately attacking the poor and the powerless. So-called democracies around the world, thru the politicians and the political process they control, who in turn control the police and the courts,  are specifically targeting the poor and powerless.

Concomitant with the attacks by the privilege has been an increase in a semantic deception. In a dark Orwellian or Stalinesque manner, words are misused to disguise real motives and the intended effects. So ‘reform’, improvement’, ‘fairness’, ‘committed’, ‘solution’, ‘transparency’, and such like, have an import not consistent with the meaning of the words, but consistent with their intended deception.

 Re the 2017 Turnbull government welfare “reform” (vis-a-vis 48 of the richest Australians pay no income tax):

This is not about addressing fraud. It about terrorising poor people, the unemployed, the sick and students, to name a few. Much as it has done with the hyper-terrorism threat, the government is promoting fear for political and ideological purposes. The fearmongering is working. People are becoming suicidal.

In light of the rise of One Nation, the government hopes that attacking “dole bludgers” will bring back some lost supporters to the fold.

Why concentrate on screwing poor people and those just above them in the income stakes but do nothing about the 679 big businesses which paid no income tax on gross revenue of $462 billion in 2014/15? The answer is simple. It is the same reason they do nothing about their own entitlement rorts or superannuation scheme. They are part of the 1% and share the culture of entitlement many capitalists have.

–(From Independent Australia).