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The times they are a changin’.

Posted in Uncategorized by thecuriousmail on June 17, 2017


In countries around the world, disenchantment and anger builds against the status quo.

The cynical ideology of neoliberalism has increased the power and wealth of the privileged, and wannabe-privileged, and increased inequality to obscene levels.

 Democracy manifests a sameness and has become much ado about nothing, where secret decisions based on hidden agendas entrench the position of the privileged, and the rights and freedoms of the governed are being steadily removed by corrupt and compromised politicians, only concerned with political power, and justified by lies and half-truths.

But a change is coming.

It may or may not be bloody. That depends on the actions of the privileged.

Will they engage and discourse, recognize the current problems and commit to a solution, a return of power to the people, an openness and accountability to decision-making,  and a fairer and more equitable future for us all?

History would say: no. The state will use all force available, force meant to protect will be used to harass, imprison and murder. The privileged, then as now, will use complicit and obedient police and courts to maintain their control, even as events take on an increasingly absurd, and violent,  air.

Is history to doom us to a bloody conflict?

Or can reason and an equanimity prevail, a commitment to a shared future as equals?

And as the political system must change, so must the economic system.